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Aftermath of a cheap victory(T112spoils ahead)


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This contains spoilers to my match at Turmoil 112 if you haven't checked it out stop reading.




Seb opened the door and walked into Daryl Bradleys' office, the monitor on the desk sparked to life illuminating the darkened room.


After a moment Daryls' face appeared scowling at Seb.


DB: You were bang out of line on Turmoil last week, I had to force the production crew to edit out that whole assault on Mr Graves. What was running through your pea sized brain hmm?

Seb just stared at the screen nonchalantly, weighing up his options before speaking.


Seb: Do I need to explain myself? I'm a bad, dangerous guy it's not out of character for me to do something like this. Besides I wanted to set an example of "Dangerous" Dylan Graves.


DB: An example!? What a ridiculous excuse, lucky only those in attendance saw the carnage you wreaked.


Seb smiled and leaned forward to look into the screen.


Seb: If given the chance I'll gladly do it again.


Bradley turned a slight shade of red as he reeled in his anger.


DB: Abbott! before you leave here just watch this footage and pray tell you don't let it happen again!


The monitor flashed and the Turmoil 112 logo flashed up then went straight into the video:


The crowd booed and jeered Seb who smiled out at the angry faces. He was visibly laughing at Dylan outside the ring, enjoying the thrill of a cheap victory. He demands, and receives, a microphone from ringside.


Seb: I won, how's it feel people? You boo me and it's like water off of a duck's back.


Pointing at Dylan, still outside the ring, crawling down the ramp, Seb exits the ring and approaches him.


Seb: This boy is meant to be the "Dangerous" Dylan Graves, and what did I get? I passed through him faster than a Chipotle mystery meat burrito...to hell with the rules. I beat him.


Seb kicks the kneeling Dylan in the gut, forcing him to lunge forward onto all fours. Now standing over Dylan, Seb picks him up in a reverse DDT hold before putting the mic back to his lips.


Seb: This is Dangerous.


Tossing the mic away, Seb spun to the right and put Dylan face first into the floor with a sickening thud. He stood, laughing manically and began searching under the ring apron...he pulled out a chair. As Dylan lay knocked out on the ground, Seb again approached him with bad intent. Seb stood over Dylan, raising the chair over his own head and preparing to bring it down mightily on the competitor's unaware skull. The boos were deafening, Seb again smiled to the crowd, their hero about to face his doom.


Seb: This is what you want, right? No? You're getting it anyway!


The boos turned into an eruption of cheers as Bill Ding's "We Built this City" theme blared on. The builder came "rushing" down the ramp to Dylan's aid. Seb, understanding the beating had concluded...jumped the barricade and disappeared into the crowd. The camera fades out as Bill stands over the ailing Graves with Abbott disappearing into a sea of angry faces.


The monitor switched back to Daryl Bradley who was awaiting Sebs' response to the video, but Seb wasn't in the room.


DB: Blasted man. I have to think of some sort of punishment for this act of defiance.


Twisting the corner of his moustache Bradley switched the monitor off and the scene faded.




The Graves attack rp was meant to be in the show but was left out, not sure if it was overlooked or forgotten so I thought I'd pop it here.

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Trance might have missed it was it a 2nd post or was it in, the main thread?

Further if an RP or a video is missing, feel free to msg the GM. If you don't say anything he won't know.

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