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Prison Release


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The camera pans to the announce team, speaking of a huge announcement. Something or someone seems to be coming to Turmoil, but they hand it over to their reporter in the field Jim Black

Jim: Thanks guys. I'm standing outside Pennsylvania federal prison, where we've gotten reports that a former OCW superstar will be released and making a return to the ring.


These reports came to us days after the well received Summercide Pay Per View aired and the excitement is mounting. Wait… wait a second… I think I see someone, yes someone's coming. Oh no… could it be? Please no… it can't


Tank: Jim! Jim is that you?!? Ya came to see me on release day you son of a bitch?!?


A burly man wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans, and a plain white T shirt can be seen exiting the release area. The sweat on Charlie's brow begin to pour down in a mix of fear and uncertainty.


As the burly man walks forward in a prideful manner, chest puffed out putting on a bravado that OCW never really missed.


Jim: T...Tank… So good to see you…


The interviewer says in an almost disgusted tone.


Jim: Tell us… What happened?


Tank moves in, grabbing the mic from Jim.


Tank: Well Jimmy boy! I guess… um well! All that champ money went to my head. I mean if I wanted it. I had it. And.. I developed a bit of a drug habit. Ya know, nothing big. Just cocaine and big dick pills, like that one guy. What the f***s his name?


Jim gives a fake laugh, rolling his eyes at the ridiculous story.


Tank: Long story short. I got popped during a raid and just like that bye-bye career…

Jim: So now what do you plan to do?

Tank: What I always planned to do. Give every mother f***er in that locker room a beatin’ they ain't ever gonna forget! And this time, I am gonna kick so much ass that no one is gonna question it! No one's gonna have anything to say! Cause Win, Lose, or Draw! You're catchin’ a beatin’!!!!


With that Tank walks off and enters a taxi. Jim looks to the camera and whispers.


Jim: Double check him for steroids...

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Someone in OCW went to prison and actually got released instead of orchestrating a complicated breakout involving naked people?


Didn't know it was an option to wait.

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