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Wrestlegrounds: No Leg to Stand On

Justin Jehst

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The camera fades in backstage where we see a defeated yet surprisingly mobile Justin Jehst walk into a locker room. With sweat still dripping off his brow he walks a few steps into the room before beginning to slow, his hand stretching out to grab the door frame to aid himself.


From off screen we hear a familiar female voice.


Elsa: What you think you doing, Justin?!


He looks up, still grimacing in pain as he begins to lose even more use of his bad leg, wobbling and swaying on his good one before sitting on a nearby fold out chair.


Jehst: Did you see me out there?! Wow! I eliminated the CCW champion! And a couple of others!


Elsa: What in hell name was you out there?! You injured! How you standing?!


Justin’s eyes dart over to a nearby folding table. On top lie Wrestlegrounds programs, empty water bottles, some gym towels, and as the camera pans further to the right we see a number of crunched up, empty cans of...BUFF BLASTER!


Elsa: What are this things?!


Jehst looks sheepish as he averts his gaze, obviously not proud of himself.


Jehst: It’s...Buff Blaster; it helps with performance – pain relief, energy boost, alertness, that sort of thing.


Elsa: Is legal?!


Jehst: I...I actually don’t know; maybe not in every state?


Elsa looks disappointed.


Jehst: Look, I’m not proud of downing a tray of the stuff to get in the ring again but I thought maybe I might get a shot at Archer; give him a few shots to the head, like Rocky Balboa!


Elsa: You should be home having rest! Now look at leg, you cannot walk!


Justin is still gripping his leg, now grimacing while trying to move it.


Jehst: I’ll be fine, I’ll head home now and put it on ice. I need to be looking and feeling my Hollywood best when OCW television starts back up again next month.


He begins to stand and immediately falters, catching himself by reaching for the table. Elsa rushes and helps him stand back up.


Elsa: You are silly man for wrestling tonight. We get you home, you rest your leg; ok?


Justin looks at Elsa, realising he has pushed himself too far tonight.


Jehst: For you, sure. Let’s go.


The couple begin moving out of the locker room, one hobbling step at a time as the camera then fades to black.

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