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The Stardust crusader.

Lotus FloJo

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The scene opens with FloJo returning to her room after a brief workout. It’s almost midnight.


FloJo:The was a great workout...I guess it’s time for a bath.


FloJo: Well, it’s a bit late for one but whatever.


FloJo walks to the bathroom to start running the water into the tub. She then turns to smartphone to launch XM Radio. FloJo begins to undress…


?????:AAALLLLLLRIIIIIGHT, Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s your boy, DJ Nice and Smooth!


DJ N&S: Welcome to the Quiet Storm!


FloJo: Now, heres comes the body wash.


DJ N&S: Ladies, I want you to know, that my goal is to y’all soft and wet. I wanna lick y'all from your head to ya toes. Baby! MM MM MM


FloJo: Oh shit. Okay….Geez...Hahaha


DJ N&S: Sit back, relax and listen to the soothing sounds of Ralph Tresvant.

(Listen baby, don't even waste your tears on that insensitive man

There's better things for you

I mean, what you really need is someone who cares

Someone that's gonna be there for you

Someone like me, baby

Someone with sensitivity (Hoo))


DJ N&S: Shout out goes to all the ladies who are suffering a broken heart. You. Need . A. Man. With sensitivity.


FloJo:[/] Looks like someone's having fun. Hmm. What am I gonna do for next season?


FloJo ponders while soaking in the tub.


FloJo: I think need to spice up my character a little.


Girl, I know it's been hard since he went away

And left you so sad, you cry every day

Let me kiss your tears, erase all your doubts

'Cause for you I'm here, you won't be without LOVE!


FloJo Maybe spend more time in the performance center.


FloJo then gets up out of the bath, wrapping her towel around waist.


Flojo: I’ll figure out something. I guess.


FloJo closes her music app and walks to her bedroom to put on some PJ’s. She then lays on her bed with hands behind her head. Reminiscing over her first year of OCW.


FloJo: *Deep breath* Yeah, it’ll come.


To be continued…

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