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Re"Imugening" Bray: The SEQUEL


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The scene reopens on the portal, where Mugen has managed to obtain a grip on Bray’s hand, though slowing losing his grip. Ace, rampant in fear, steps up to the portal.


Ace: You idiot!


She grabs onto Bray’s arm as well, doing her best against the multiverse.


Ace: Just a… little… more...


Right as she says this, she loses her grip on him, briefly bumping into Mugen, which makes him lose his grip. Bray is immediately sucked in, much to Ace’s horror. She leaps into the portal after him, Mugen’s extraordinary speed grabbing her by the foot at the last second to avoid two losses.


The struggle is immense, Mugen gaining the upper ground every now and again. After a bit of time, Mugen channels his inner strength and manages to yank Ace out of the portal, which in turn brings Bray out as well, managing to grab him by the foot because he was lost. The two crash on the ground, both dazed.


Mugen: Are you all right?


Bray struggles to get to his feet.


Bray: Uhh… what hit me?


He reaches to rub his head, but grabs a handful of soft, long, beautiful blonde locks.


Bray: N… Nani!?


Ace: Ā... Nani ga okotta no? (Uh… what happened?)


She clears her throat.


Bray: I… I don’t know.


Ace: Watashi no kami wa dō shita no? (What the hell is wrong with my hair!?)


Mugen: I understand you……….but why are you speaking in Japanese?


Bray: Of course she’s speaking Japanese.


Mugen: You… understand her?


Bray: Of course, Mugen ol buddy. I mean, where else did we learn the language? America!?


The siblings cackle, much to the confusion of Mugen.


Ace: HA! You funny man!


Bray: Though I must say, “The Anime Prince” wishes he knew how exactly what just happened to him.


Mugen: The “Anime Prince?”


Bray: That’s the name! By the way, have you heard that Yu Yu Hakasho is getting a new OVA?


As Bray rambles on behind him, Mugen takes a second to look back into the portal, upon closer inspection, he sees that the Bray from Tokyo is missing.

Mugen: Oh………..yikes……….


Bray steps back up to the portal, following Mugen’s gaze towards the missing Tokyo scenario.


Bray: What’s that over there?


He points to the furthest world, where it seems that Bray, the Bray from before, has been placed inside the portal.


Bray: “The Anime Prince” feels offended by that sight. He’s seen everything that he needs to see.


Mugen: We should probably get you back to normal.


Bray: Didn’t “The Anime Prince” tell you, Mugen? This multiverse is how I want it to be! Right Ace?


She stops pulling her hair for a second to nod at the two.


Bray: There you have it.


Mugen speculates to himself for a moment, studying the newfound behavior of the siblings.


Mugen: Once I close the portal, there’s next to no chance that you’ll be able to return to your original self.


Bray: Let him die…


Mugen: Are you positive?




Ace: BAKA!


Mugen shrugs.


Mugen: …… Alright then!


Mugen steps in front of Bray and closes the portal.


Bray: Gone with the Greek Jericho, in with…


He spins around and flexes his muscles to Mugen.




Ace yells in Japanese in the background, her new fluency in the language surprisingly top notch already.


Bray: Come Kelko. A new journey awaits…


The two leave the scene, the camera fading away, along with the remnants of Greek Jericho.

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"It's like the number zero...It's empty, but at the same time it holds infinite possibilities." - Igor
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Nice to see you finally have a dedicated direction and gimmick, but I'll have to boo you now. On principle.


"The Anime Prince" says...

You can take your United States of America trunks and shove them up your ass...

On principle.

"It's like the number zero...It's empty, but at the same time it holds infinite possibilities." - Igor
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