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A Chance Encounter

Drago Cesar

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The scene opens with the OCW Women’s Champion, Dragana, standing in line at a fast food restaurant with Johnny Law. The place is quite crowded, with only a handful of seats that aren’t taken. Dragana stands anxiously as she waits to order.


Johnny: So what’ll it be? The usual?


She nods in approval. Johnny inspects the menu and laughs.


Johnny: Y’know, I’m feeling extra hungry right now.


She turns to him with a quizzical expression on her face, raising an eyebrow.


Johnny: Two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with EXTRA dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with some of that extra cheese...and to top it all off……


He takes a breath.


Johnny: A laaaaaaarge soda.


Dragana stares at him with confusion. She looks up and down at him, wondering how his skinny figure could possibly withstand all of that food.


Johnny: What? I’m a guy with a weird metabolism all right?




She scoffs at him, turning back to the line. There are still quite a number of people waiting. Johnny’s phone vibrates. He takes his phone out of his pocket and answers it.


Johnny: Yeah…..All right dude, hang on.


He turns to Dragana.


Johnny: Your brother’s up to some weird scheme again. I’ll be back.


He quickly shuffles out of the line, stepping out of the restaurant. Dragana is left alone in the line as it starts to move forward. With a few people in front of her, she starts to feel a little anxious. After a few moments, the line moves forward again. Now there is only one person in front of her. A bead of sweat starts to fall from her forehead. She looks back toward the entrance to see Johnny still conversing on the phone. The Women’s Champion turns back, gritting her teeth.


Employee: Next in line, please!


Dragana slowly walks up to the person at the counter, turning back to see if Johnny is coming back anytime soon.


Employee: What can I get for you?


She immediately turned back to the person behind the counter. She looks up at the menu, her eyebrow twitching from the stress. She points to one of the items at the menu. The employee looks up at the menu in confusion. The people behind Dragana in the line are starting to get impatient.


???: Come on!


Dragana: ...


The sweat continues to fall from her forehead. She can’t bear another moment of this. From the back comes a voice, as a girl can be seen weaving in and out of the line.


Aerith: Excuse me, sorry, pardon me, my friend’s at the front and I need to… Thanks!


With a sigh of relief Aerith comes to the front of the queue, Dragana looks a little confused but seems to be calming down.


Aerith: Okay, so…


Aerith passes her phone over with the iNOTES application opened.


Aerith: Tell me what you’re wanting and I’ll order for you, and don’t worry about taking your time… You’ll be fine.


Dragana smiles nervously and begins tapping away at the phone, typing in her order. A bead of sweat rolls down the side of her face as she prays internally to anyone who will listen that Aerith’s phone doesn't ring. Dragana bites her lip, slowly typing out the order as she remembers it. After a few minutes she turns the phone back to Aerith. Aerith is startled as she’s looking through the order.


Aerith: Are you eating all this???


Dragana: -_-


She turns her head toward Johnny, who is still on the phone.


Aerith: Oh…. That still doesn't make sense… But I'll go with it! Gosh dang number 9’s.


Aerith hands over the phone with her best smile to the cashier.


Aerith: Thank you, you can charge it through the phone too if that makes it easier for you.


The pair wait for what seems an age until finally they're presented with three trays stacked to the gunnels with food. They exchange a glance as Johnny returns and takes two trays, presumably his. Dragana offers a smile of thanks as she takes the other tray and the three of them settle down at a table. It doesn't take long before Johnny leaves to take another phone call.


Aerith: So, the anniversary show huh? I hope you don't think I'm going to do anything dirty to you before then, I'm all about that good fight.




The Women’s Champion shakes her head in response. She points to Aerith and to herself, shaking her fist.


Aerith: And I take it that you won’t try anything either? Not that you or anyone in your family has that kind of reputation.


Dragana smirks, crossing her arms. She looks away for a few seconds to gather her thoughts. She then turns back to Aerith, keeping her smirk. She places her elbow on the table, closing her hand into a fist…..except for her pinky, which she keeps extended. Aerith smiles upon seeing this.


Aerith: Oh….I guess you’re serious.


Dragana nods much to the approval of Aerith. The champion raises her eyebrows, looking at Aerith and her own pinky. Aerith’s expression softens and the pair Pinky-Up™.


Finally, Johnny returns.


Johnny: What did I miss?


Aerith just chuckles and shakes her head, Dragana lets out a small laugh to their surprise.

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