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  1. SUPER S CUP FINALS - ASHLEY MOORE vs. EMP EMP cause Heather wants to take her life and her title! OCW CHAMPIONSHIP - EL PARCA vs. MAXX EDWARDS EL PRIMERO. As much as I want Maxx to win, Parca isn’t gonna let history repeat itself and lose of 1st defense. CCW CHAMPIONSHIP - B17 vs. AISU Bingo…ugh I really want Aisu to win this but Bingo is different when he has the CCW Title. ALL STAR TAG #2 - KASSCUM vs. PERFECT STORM N/A INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - OWEN vs. SHELDON TREMBLAY Shelly…He has that dog in him. I haven’t seen Owen get that dog in him yet. TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS TLC - MASS EFFECT vs. GRIT & GLORY vs. FUTURE IDIOTS Mass Effect is big meaty men that are hungry. GRUDGE MATCH - C-NOTE vs. MARK REESE Reese will humble C-Note in his hometown. He’s been talking caca ALOT. Reese is gonna do what vets do the old country way. SINGAPORE KANE MATCH - BLACKSMITH vs. RYU MATSUMOTO Trash…Horsey defeated everyone that’s under Ryu’s watch. Rusty, Quartz, Kass and Harvey. Spider is the last one and he’s gonna represent. WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP - JOANNA SILVER vs. SHIANNE LOVELAVE vs. DEBORAH Debbie D is gonna hold on in this nail biter. Why? Cause she’s from Queens like Heather. #Nextlongestreigningchamp GRUDGE MATCH - JynX vs. Scotty X. Jynx is gonna overcome Scotty’s aggression. Hyper fighting doesn’t work in OCW.
  2. Seems like your PR Team wants you gone just as bad as everyone else.
  3. That and maybe break up your paragraphs a little bit. Some people see “Werdz” and get brain fog and skim thru it with no comprehension.
  4. Why does Asher still look like Harvey in his Head Rookie days?
  5. I “Released The Doves” on Mugen and “killed” a 4yr long embarrassment of our last match Mr. Sensation. Mugen had that level of disrespect coming and I’m taking Empress with me.
  6. TOG trying to take out Jasmin the same way CG took out Marcus is insane! TOG MUST BE STOPPED!!!! Telos/Bolek match was very good. It’s nice to see Telos getting back into the swing of things. Just how long remains to be seen. Bolek…very good. You just ran outta steam brother at the end. But good job still. GREED GOT GREEDY!!!! The Family better leave my brother alone… That is all.
  7. Second just to keep the tradition going!
  8. I did get rid of Terra for a bit. But she’s back. Is this why you dissed Furiosa?
  9. Should’ve worn a 49ers Jersey :)
  10. There was no shoulder injury. Went unreported on Turnbuckle News. Lies detected b.
  11. Why are you like this?! Why does Dupree know about this supposed pornstar????
  12. I made the final edits so it’s my fault for the oversight.
  13. Also, did you catch the sly comment John made to his friend after the match? “Oh my shoulders hurt.” Meaning, you carried the team to victory. That’s not very face. As a consensus EVERYONE that night in chat was happy Marcus did what he did and see him as face now.
  14. For the record Jasmin and I had NO CLUE what Aisu was up to. So there was no connection there between us and Aisu. As for Marcus, he is face. Despite what you may think as him being “MONSTER HEEL”. I don’t know how he can be monster heel if his tag team partner has been in the business for himself for quite sometime. TWC has been put on a shelf as everyone hates John for doing just that. Marcus has had enough of that and finally turned on one of the biggest heels of the company and now Marcus is the heel? I’m confused by your take on that. The audience was confused by the crowd booing but that was an honest editing mistake. Prior to the match, Marcus and CG interacted with each other and told him enough was enough. He’s tired of being “Professional” aka passive. Marcus has never actually tried to be anything more but tag team champion with his old buddy John and it didn’t work. He followed him to GOAT Academy didn’t work. Took the blow from Parker turning on them. Supported him when Aisu Jasmin and Spider was saying he needs to do better. Never interfered in his relationship with Marisa. So now he’s taking his career by the horns. Unfortunately after his interaction with CG, Marcus had to go to move on and do better. Again I don’t see how you think he’s the Monster Heel.
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