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Feels Like A Summer Brieze: PT I


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Baby I just don't get it

Do you enjoy being hurt?

I know you smelled the perfume,

The make-up on his shirt


Music can be heard sounding throughout a crowded club, sounds of women screeching begin to get louder as a crowd gathers close around a bar area.


Pink, green, and purple lights strobe throughout the club, smoke machines continue to blast smoke around the dance floor, which continues to get less and less crowded as dancers begin to form a giant circle around the bar, causing a ruckus.


DJ: Aaaaaaaawhhhhhh HELL no! Beautiful ladies and handsome gents' we have a VERY special guest in the Buiiiiillllding!


The music changes and the volume lowers as the DJ takes the microphone to get the attention of the crowd. The few club goers that remained on the dance floor begin peering over a large crowd.


Woman: Oh my gaaaaawd! It's him! Bae, make sure my makeup is on right now.


Man: Girl, you better stop trippin' on that, Imma be talkin' to him first.


DJ: I see mosta ya'll already found the man of the hour himself!


The view begins to sort through the crowd of people to find Tayy Briezee sitting atop the counter, one leg over the other. With his dark shades on, he flashes grins at various fans.


DJ: Tuh-tuh-tuh Tayyyyyy Briezzaaayyyyyy! Gidda man some space people, c'mon now!


Man: Tayy! When's the next album, b?


Man: Yo, B! Champaign and Bawtle II, when we gettin' it?!


Tayy continues to receive a flurry of questions and just smiles and waves off of the questions regarding his album.


Eventually, a question comes in that seems to irritate the artist.


Man: Hey, whatchu got to say about the controversy with that Dillinger guy?


Tayy shoots the man a look and the crowd grows nervous. Before he can answer, a publicist who was blending with the crowd seems to interject, shutting down the "surprise" appearance.


Publicist: That's it, that's enough. No more questions. Tayy will be signing autographs at Remixx nightclub on October 12th.


The short publicist then ushers Tayy through the crowd quickly as the mood quickly swaps from energetic to awkward.


The crowd boo the man who asked the pointed question for causing Tayy to leave. Briezee removes his shades and looks annoyed as he exits the club.





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