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The Stardust crusader Part III

Lotus FloJo

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The scene opens with FloJo riding the subway to her friend Nick's apartment. She appears curious because the text Nick sent her seemed Urgent.


FloJo: Dammit. I was just in the middle of watching Part 5 of the latest JoJo anime. I could've have ignored it but I'm not like that...


FloJo arrives at the station where Nick's apartment is within walking distance.


FloJo: Whelp. I'm here.


FloJo: Let me ring this door bell so I can see what hell he wants...


FloJo rings the door. Suddenly the door slowly opens out comes a foul stench that almost made FloJo puke.


FloJo:Nick! The what's the hell is that smell? It's like it uppercutting my nostrils.


FloJo: And Why does your room looks like an anime fallout shelter?


Nick: Ah FloJo, you're here. You sound like a Jadakiss song with all those questions.


Nick:But I'm glad you could make it. Because I have an announcement to make. But first, let me go change.


FloJo places her hand on her chin.


FloJo: Let me guess...Yo---Why are you wearing that?


Said FloJo as Nick exits the closet.


Nick: This is my wrestling attire.


FloJo:No. That's a bag and a loincloth. sheesh.




FloJo: Okay. What's the announcement?


Nick: Me and Bray are forming a tag-team along with Ace. And we wait you to join.




Nick: You like to cosplay right? So I bought you a few.


Nick walks FloJo to the living room and there are quite a few outfits ranging from Anime to Video games.


FloJo:Sweet. FLCL, EVA, NieR and even Persona!


Nick: *nods*


FloJo: These are your waifus huh....


Nick: Lotus, Please...?


FloJo: Yare Yare Daze (Good grief) Alright. But only on certain events or whatever.


FloJo begins to walk out towards the exit but decides to leave a parting message


FloJo: Let's not get too weird. oh and get rid of that smell for god sakes.


Scene ends with Nick celebrating.

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