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Feels Like A Summer Breize: PT II


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NOTE* If you haven't read PART 1, you can CLICK HERE to read it


A loud, obnoxious laugh rolls the scene open. A grey suit, red tie, and black dress shirt cover the screen. As the man turns around, it is revealed to be none other than the greasiest talent agent in OCW, Dennis Dillinger.


Dillinger: Yes, Mr. S. Unfortunately, it’s all true. I was notified by Tayy Breizee this morning. Here is his message to you.


Mr. Sensation: First of all, don’t call me “Mr. S.”.


The camera turns to Mr. Sensation, who sits at an oversized desk with a very annoyed look on his face.


Dillinger hands an official-looking document to Mr. Sensation that reads:


This organization is bull****. Sensation and his company can go to hell, dawg. The fact I wasn’t given the chances I deserved is blatant disrespect and shows me that Hoe-CW has NO class whatsoever. My fans around the world don’t deserve this ****. I got albums to make and records to break, b. This summer was supposed to be Tayytime and I was robbed of that chance.


Officially, I relinquish all authority and intellectual property to Dennis Dillinger and I’m done with this ****. Mr. Sensation can SMDFTB while he at it.


- TB


Sensation, seeing this as out of character, looks up at Dillinger skeptically.


Mr. Sensation: WHO? Is that? Who are you? Why are you here? Why is he so angry? Is he hungry? Hangry? Man, I am too old for this foolishness.


Dillinger laughs to himself, thinking it is a joke.


Dillinger: Trust me, I was as shocked as anyone. I think he may have been upset about the Summercide event. I really tried to talk him down, but he was very aggressive. I was in fear for my safety.


Mr. Sensation: No, seriously….who are you? You smell like Patchulli and Irish Clovers, I’m not a fan of the Irish...Clovers that is, You can’t trust them they try to USURP because the one’s in 4 have magical powers or some such. Lucky.. I don't believe in luck, Daryl, your name is Daryl right? Luck is for Losers!


Dillinger: Dennis.. It’s Dennis. I am… was Tayy’s agent… Mr. Breizee was unhappy and vocal with me in private. I think he put on a show for your fans to lead them to believe he was a nice guy.


Dillinger: In reality, your wonderful organization and myself were on the bad end of his thuggish’ tyrades behind the scenes. I suffered here too, you know.


Mr. Sensation groans and places his hand on his face after the not-so-subtle comment.


Mr. Sensation: Look man, I’m busy do what you want I don’t care, it's your life, ruin it and your client’s life as you see fit!


Dillinger grins smugly at the response and nods to the document he handed Mr. Sensation moments earlier.


Dillinger: At any rate, as you can see, Mr. Breizee has forfeited any property and intellectual information to me. I leave it in your hands, but I really think we should squash this altogether and remove him from all things OCW.


Dillinger: I would hate to stain your good name by allowing this bad egg to have anything to do with OCW. I have already taken steps to remove this mistake from my agency as well.




Dillinger flashes a smile and shoots finger guns at the angry reaction from Mr. Sensation.


Dillinger: Thank you so much, my good man. Always excellent doing business with another savvy businessman like yourself.


Dillinger reaches his hand out for a handshake after slicking back his greasy hair.


Mr. Sensation: No thank you...


Dillinger: … and I look forward to continue doing business with you in the future


Mr. Sensation: Did you have an appointment or something? I really don’t know how the hell you got to my office.


Mr. Sensation yells for his super cool and amazing yet belligerent caretaker, Birdie.


Mr.Sensation: BIRDIE, DID THIS Donovan Dillinger have an appointment today?


Birdie: WHO?!


Mr.Sensation: Dicky Dillinger, He manages some Tay guy!


Birdie: …. WHO?


Mr. Sensation: …….Ok Well…..Thanks...can you make me that sandwich I like with no Crust!!!!


Birdie: NO!


Mr.Sensation: …..THANKS!



Dillinger laughs way too loud at the awkwardness.


Dillinger: I gotta say, Jaysin… I love this organization and I already have several people within OCW on call. We will be in touch very soon.


Mr. Sensation rolls his eyes and attempts to continue shuffle through paperwork, after several moments, Dillinger does not get the hint and Mr. Sensation stands up slowly and peers at him.


Mr. Sensation: You can go now, Damon!


Dillinger: Of course! I will talk to you soon!


Dillinger grabs his lapels and saunters confidently out of the room, swinging the door closed behind him..


After leaving, he continues out of the office and pulls a cell phone out of his jacket pocket. After a quick speed dial, he begins leaving a voicemail.


Dillinger: Hello! I see you missed my call.. Heh… again. Well I just wanted to let you know that the old “pest” problem has been taken care of. That unmarketable chapter of my career is over and now it’s YOUR time to shine, big fella!


Dillinger: Everything I promised you in our meeting will come true… That’s an Agent D. guarantee!


An awkward silence follows the corny statement as Dillinger looks around to see if anyone heard his comment.


Dillinger:... I’m still working on it- ANYWAYS! Call me back, or text me, or come into my office. Just come find me. We have some stuff to work out. Hahaha! Agent D. out!


Dillinger hangs up the phone and continues down the hall, slicking his hair back once more before the camera fades out.



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