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Feels Like A Summer Breize: PT III


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NOTE* If you haven't read PART 1, you can CLICK HERE to read it


NOTE* If you haven't read PART 2, you can CLICK HERE to read it


Previously Recorded the day before Summercide 2018


Dennis Dillinger is seen pacing around angrily inside his Manhattan office building. Inside the office sits Tayy Breizee and several businessmen, who are working on various tablets or speaking on small bluetooth phones.


Dillinger: We've been in here for hours and I'm still confused, Tayy.


Breizee, who is comfortably leaned back in the chair, watching television, peers up at his agent.


Dillinger, now away from the general public, has lost his greasy, positive demeanor and stares daggers through his client.


Dillinger: I'm really confused how someone who claims to be marketable can be left off of the biggest event of the Summer.


Tayy rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to the television.


Dillinger: Gerald, what is it? Is it me?


A man in the corner of the room looks up panicked before responding to Dillinger in an unsure voice.


Gerald: N- No, sir. I can't really make sense of it either. Mr. Breizee won both of his fights.


Another businessman with a nametag reading "Kent" interjects.


Kent: They're matches.


Gerald: Matches... Right, matches. Mr. Breizee won both of his matches and the fans seemed to respond.


Kent: Dan, the figures. How are the figures looking? Do you have the numbers on Mr. Breizee's matches?


A 3rd man, sitting alone on the other side of the room scrolls through several times on a tablet before frantically shaking his head.


Dan: Tayy Breizee has fans - he just wasn't seeming to attract - erhm, any other new fans.


Gerald: I thought we were hitting big numbers?


Dillinger interrupts by slamming his fists on his desk, shaking various pencil holders and causing his name plate to fall from the front of the desk.


Dillinger: ...OBVIOUSLY! We weren't bringing in N E W F A N S.


Dillinger picks up an OCW SUMMERCIDE 2018 poster and flashes it to Breizee, who hardly reacts, as if this is a normal interaction.


Dillinger: YOU! ARE! NOT! A! DRAAAAAAW! Are you listening to me, you idiot?!


As Breizee continues to ignore his agent, Dillinger grows annoyed.


Dennis Dillinger, who stands 6'5'' and is not a small man by any stretch, throws a remote at the television Breizee is watching, causing him to flinch back as the TV is cracked and broken. Tayy snaps his head back and stands from his chair to look up at Dillinger.


All of the other businessmen in the room jump from their seats in preparation for a fight... The tension in the room grows to a peak.


Dillinger: So... WHAT'S IT GOING TO BE!? I am tired of losing money dragging you around!


Tayy: You better step off me before I put you on the ground, big fella'.


Gasps fill the room as the Tayy finally speaks. Several moments pass as Dillinger and Tayy continue to face each other up.


Tayy: You guys can take a walk. Imma have a talk with Dennis.


After several tense seconds, Dan, Kent, and Gerald exit the room.


Tayy: Now. You know I ain't one to talk a big game. I let actions define Tayy Breizee.


Tayy: ...but these actions and clear signs of disrespect stop. They stop now. You and I are a good team, bruh.


Dillinger takes a step back, stunned at the response.


Tayy: You new to all this - this world of love and entertainment, so I'll give you a break... but we're gon' have to start working together. You understand me?


Dillinger turns around frustrated and smiles in a sinister way.


Dillinger: ...Oh, I understand.


Tayy turns his agent around and reaches his hand out for a handshake. Dillinger grins, shakes his head, and lets out an uproarious laughter before shaking Breizee's hand aggressively.


Tayy: Now.. you had something I had to sign for the boss?


Dillinger: Of course... of course.


Both men walk over to the desk and Tayy Breizee signs an official looking document on the dotted line - not reading it before signing. Afterwards, Dillinger quickly folds the document and places it inside his jacket.


Dillinger: Thank you, Tayy. I'm sorry. You know how it goes. I just don't like my money being trifled with, my guy.


Tayy laughs to himself reassuringly and pats Dillinger on the chest.


Tayy walks towards the door and waves back at his agent one last time, wishing him a good Summer.


Tayy: I'll talk to you soon, D. Enjoy your Summer.


As Tayy exits the room, Dillinger's positive smile returns to the same angered scowl he held moments before as he removes the document from his jacket pocket and unfolds it.


Dillinger: I don't like my money being trifled with... especially not by some third rate, garbage time "entertainer."


Dillinger holds the document up to reveal it's contents. An official document relinquishing the Breizee intellectual properties and OCW rights to Dillinger. Dillinger takes out a pen and begins writing a hand-written letter on another official letterhead.


This organization is bull****. Sensation and his company can go to hell, dawg...


Minutes later, Dillinger completes the letter and staples it to the same page that Breizee recklessly signed earlier. The 3 businessmen peer in and Dillinger shouts out to them.


Dillinger: Okay boys. It's done. Time to rid ourselves of this stain on my reputation...


Dillinger: Dan, call Mr. Sensation. Tell him I would like a meeting... Kent, inform the press that Mr. Breizee has officially ended his relationship with OCW and will no longer be representing the company... Gerald, let the media know of Mr. Breizee's confrontation in this office, destruction of my television and physical threats to me. I would like to press charges.


The sinister grin once again comes over Dillinger's face as the camera fades out.

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See, that's how you do in-jokes. You make it so it works just as good if you don't get the joke...


Also I hope this Dillinger guy gets put through a James Hetfield.


I'm glad you caught that.


President and leading member of the Paul Pugh Fan Club. We love KidEgo


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