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Day of the Kumite.

Code Jackman

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Outside the arena, about 3 hours before show time a black 2015 Toyota Tacoma pulled into the parking lot near the dumpster. Code Jackman steps out grabs a box from the bed of his truck and put in next to the dumpster.


Report #1: Mr. Jackman what are your thoughts going into the Kumite?


Jackman looks at the reporter and starts walking.


Reporter #2: What type of training have you done for the Kumite?


Jackman stops looks at the reporter and keeps walking.


Reporter #3: There were reports you ran into Wrex at a local pub, can you explain what happened?


Jackman keeps walking and ignoring the press.


Reporter #4: Are you going to be like that box you put by the dumpster after the match?

Code Jackman: What did you just say?


Reporter #4: ugh umm are you...


Code Jackman: You listen here! Me losing the night after Wrestlelution was a fluke. I am going to go into this Kumite and destroy Wrex. That box I put out there is me making my territory when I carry Wrex outside after our match and lay him there.


Reporter #5: Do you like the B Community?


Jackman gets in the face of the reporter. Jackman has a seven-inch height advantage on the young reporter. Jackman then kicks the reporter in the gut then hit is Jack-in-the-box on him.


Code Jackman: that is what I think of the B community.


Code Jackman: This the only time you will hear from me until Turmoil.


Jackman then walks into the arena and shuts the door behind him so the reporters can not follow him.



1x CCW Champion

2x Turmoil Tag Team Champion

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