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Wrestler Bio: Tayy Breizee


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All Information Below as of Season 14, April 25th, 2019. Please read RPs, promos for more detailed information and stay tuned for further information as it is released.



KNOWN AS: Tayy Breizee

HOMETOWN: Providence, Rhode Island

HEIGHT: 5'10


AGE: 25 (As of April 25th, 2019)

THEME SONG: Back 2 Life - Sean Kingston


SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Album Drop, Ride the Wave


FINISHERS(S): RnB, Goin' Platinum


NOTABLE FUEDS: Dennis Dillinger, Telos


ACCOLADES: XYXL Freshman Cover 2015, #3 Album on Hootify (September 2016)




Taylor Bryce (Born February 11th, 1994), known professionally as Tayy Breizee, began in OCW in June of 2018 after being convinced by talent agent Dennis Dillinger to compete. Breizee is an RnB artist out of Rhode Island, who enjoyed moderate success within the music business before attempting to transition into a kickboxing career.


After briefly competing as an amateur, Breizee went back to his music career and eventually met Manhattan based talent agent Dennis Dillinger. Dillinger and Breizee enjoyed a 2-0 start in OCW at the end of Season 13, but the combo never managed to draw enough attention or major feuds.


Dillinger, blaming this lack of immediate success on his client, back stabbed Breizee, stealing the rights to his intellectual property and ceased all partnership with him in OCW.


As of Season 14, Breizee stands as an independent singles competitor on the RIOT brand. He has wins over veteran AC Cobra and fellow wrestler Ricky Ragnarath.


After emerging victorious in a career threatening tables match, Tayy suffered several losses in a row, eventually debuting an in-ring interview segment "SpeakBreizee". Currently, Tayy Breizee was last seen driving home to Providence to live with his mother.

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