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Gears Moving

Leroi Daniels

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Gears Moving


*Leroi sits in the locker room during Devils Night with his feet cocked up on a table, while he sips from his black solo cup and scrolls through social media on his phone. As he relaxes in the back, Leroi’s friend Travis comes and meets up with him in the back using a backstage pass Leroi gave him.*


Travis: “What’s good fam?”


Leroi: (Leroi looks up with a surprised and happy tone in his voice)”Yo Travis! It’s good to see you man, I can’t believe you actually came out.”


*Leroi stands up and daps up his friend, before sitting back down, taking another sip out of his cup. Travis continues to stand as the two have their conversation.*


Travis: “You’re my homie man and I wanted to come out show my support. That’s what I’m here for G.”


Leroi: “Yo I really appreciate that man, you’re a real one no cap.”


Travis: “Ahh don’t worry about it, but uhh.. what are you doing right now. I know you don’t have a match on the card tonight, but I figured that since you were here that must mean that you have a promo or something planned.”


Leroi: (Looking back at his phone) “Nah bruh, I’m just here to watch the show and show my support.”


Travis: (With a uncertain expression on his face.) “Are you sure? You don’t wanna go out to the ring and interact with your fans?”


*Leroi takes his phone and stands up, showing his friend his social media.*


Leroi: “ I’ve been interacting with my fans over social media for the most part. As far as I’m concerned, the fans love them some Leroi.”


Travis: “Well, I don’t mean to ruin the image you’ve got going on in your head, but not everyone “Loves them some Leroi.””


Leroi: “What are you talking about?”


Travis: “Give me phone and I’ll show you.”


*Leroi hands his phone to Travis; after a few seconds Travis shows Leroi the phone.*


Travis: “Here look at this. @_BlaineB said ‘After watching him lose his first two matches in OCW, I finally understand what the L in Leroi stands for.’.”


Leroi: (With a snarky tone) “Ok, that’s just one person out of millions of fans. Anyone can leave a hate…”


*Travis cuts him off and continues*


Travis: “@Dounnyya said ‘Seeing as that’s what colors his body turns after a match, it’s no wonder why Leroi chose purple and black for his attire.’.”


*Leroi goes to say something but Travis continues to read.*


Travis: “@mronedayfamous said ‘Leroi is all about the drip, but the only thing that’s dripping away is his his chance to get higher on the card.’. @ngb_lilbreezy wrote ‘Damn Leroi first Loki, and now Damian Bourne; who’s next Alex Asher?’.”


Leroi:”Alright, that’s enough!”(He interjects)


*Leroi takes a moment before speaking*


Leroi: “Ok you proved your point, what do you want a cookie?”


Travis: “Listen bruh I’m just trying to help you out. Have you even bothered to sit and think about why your sitting back here instead of fighting in the ring? The only way to get yourself back on the card is to win.”


Leroi: “What are you suggesting I do?”


Travis: “Issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room or call someone out specifically. It’s what i would do at least.”


*Leroi grabs his cup and downs the rest of his drink before looking to Travis.*


Leroi: “Leave me. This is a big decision and I must meditate first so I can make the smartest choice.”


Travis: “Aight”


*The two dap each other up and Travis leaves the locker room. Leroi closes the door and the scene fades to black.*

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Good stuff. I hope we see more on the shows going forward.


Don't forget to use the Morrison Method going forward. Names and actions are in bold text, dialogue is not.




Quartz slumps down in his computer chair and lets out an obnoxious burp, tapping his belly and raising his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES.


Quartz: Let's see what they're saying about ME on the website...


Quartz grabs the mouse and clicks on his face on OCW.com.


Quartz: What!? How could you think that? welovefaces4245!?


Quartz: I got something to prove now!




This eliminates the need for the quotation marks around dialogue and the asterisks around the actions.


Also much more pleasing to the eyes.


(along with the fact that it won't be posted on TV unless it's in this format!)


Keep it coming!

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