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Little Shop of Terrors Part 1

Damian Bourne

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The bright beautiful sun would shine down upon the city of New York as Damian Bourne would arrive at his destination. He would step out of his car, locking the door behind him and approaching the building. A sign on the door would read “Best Psychic Readings in NYC” , Bourne would step inside the shop to be greeted by a blind old woman at the receptionist desk


Old Woman: I’s felt ya coming boy, all that bad mojo on ya. Come on you not safe up here, let me take ya to da back.


Damian would look in confusion but still feel an urge to follow behind her as he came for help


Damian: I never got your name Ms?


Old Woman: My name be Mama Desiree Dupree, no worry bout telling me ya name boy. I know you’s be Damian Bourne.


Damian: How... I’ve never even met—


Mama Desiree: Didn’t I tell ya I felt ya coming boy? I’s already told ya it was da bad mojo!


Mama Desiree would stop at a door that read “237” , knock three times, open it and begin to walk in. Taking a seat at the circular table with a red leather covering, and candles lit upon it. Damian would stare at a skull in the middle of the table and take a seat nervously.


Damian: So what was that bad nojo you were speaking of?


Mama Desiree: MOJO boy! It’s dem bad spirits ya don’t be wanting in ya life.


Mama Desiree would take a red flower that glowed as if there was an LED in the interior of it, she would reach in the flower and take out a red glowing heart shaped stone. Grabbing her mortar and pestle she would begin to crush it up and stir it as it turned into a liquid.


Mama Desiree: Here boy, take dis with you and go lay in dat pile of sand there!


Damian would hesitantly grab the mortar that held a red kool-aid looking liquid in it and begin to walk over to the pile of sand placed in a hole in the ground. Taking off his jacket and putting his hair in a man bun he would lay in the pile of sand.


Mama Desiree: When I tell ya to, I want ya to take da mortar and drink it. I’s be taking ya to da spirit world, or as my people calls it... “the ancestral plane”. This way you be getting all the answers you need from your Umama. Now drink up boy!


Damian would drink the red substance and begin to feel sharp pains in his torso area. Bourne’s eyes would close and the scene would fade to black

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