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Code Jackmans Breakthrough with the C-Community

Code Jackman

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The scene opens up in a dark room with a 1990’s projector on facing a white wall.


Jackman: I’m am so glad that both of you were able to make it… like you had any choice.


Jackman then begins to stand in front of the projector so the light is shining on him. In the background, you can here mumblings or little faint noise.


Jackman: What is that you are trying to say? Oh, I can’t understand what you are saying, please speak up.


Unknown person: mmmmm! Mmmm! Bhmmmmm!


The camera pans from Jackman to two people sitting in chairs tied up with tape over their mouths. The two people are Nick Bates and Bray.


Jackman: Would you like to say something Bates?


Jackman begins to undo the tape from his mouth then stops. He then begins to punch Bates in the stomach.


Jackman: I know it was you that cut my hair off. “Punch” I want to personally thank you for it. “Punch” But never break into where I am staying at to do so. “Punch”


Jackman: Well know that is over, lets begin. Here is a sheet of paper. On this paper is something you both will need to remember.

The paper is placed on the projector. Jackman has a little bit of trouble putting the words in the middle of the white wall. The words on the paper read “I will follow any order Code gives me.”


Jackman: Now all you have to do is read this.


Bray: Mmmm! Mmmmm!


Jackman: Oh and not once. You read it over and over until it sticks in your weebish brains.


Jackman then reaches under the cart the projector is placed on and grabs a boombox with a cassette tape.


Jackman: Oh and you have to listen to this.


Press play on the boombox


Boombox: “I will follow any order Code gives me, I will follow any order Code gives me, I will follow any order Code gives me….”


Jackman: Enjoy


Code Jackman then walks out of the room to let.



1x CCW Champion

2x Turmoil Tag Team Champion

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