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Post-Ladies' Night: A War On Love


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A bright white smile and excited shrieking opens the scene backstage at Ladies' Night 2018. Terra Daturas, walking backstage following her surprise win over Kat, is bouncing down the halls in excitement.


Tiny utterances of "Yes!" squeak through the teeth of the OCW harbinger of peace.


Terra: Eugepae!


Terra: Yesyesyesyesyesyaaaaay!


Terra continues to bounce around, wiping her sweaty forehead, moving her hair to the side in the process.


Terra: I did it! I can't believe it! I am so happy. I can't wait to get back to my resting area and water my helianthus!


Terra's shrieking attracts the attention of nearby staff members, who are annoyed by her noises of excitement and joy and exit the area promptly.


Terra sees the two staff members react to her excitement and she tries to calm herself down. She stops bouncing and takes deep breaths through her wide smile as she subtly skips through the halls and whispers to herself.


Terra: I hope my brothers and sisters here in OCW will want to talk to me now that I have won a match... Only Valkyrie's warm heart has been open to me so far.


The nature lover pauses momentarily in the hall and her smile subsides slightly.


Terra: I've tried to decorate with nature's bliss... I've even tried offering free homemade food. I've tried, Mater Natura...... I really have.


Terra: ...I surely don't wish to be a burden...


Terra: ...But this is a dangerous place. I bet they're just not used to love being embraced. I know they'll come around!


Terra's smile once again regains it's life as she makes her way to her designated locker area. As she approaches, her skipping becomes more slowed and her smile turns to curiosity. She closes her eyes and begins to sniff the air, as if attempting to identify the smell.


Terra's eyes open wide suddenly as a look of confusion overcomes her.


Terra: ...Char? Ember? Fumus?


Terra hastily approaches her door as the nametag has been partially torn off. She slowly opens the door to investigate and immediately begins to swell up with sadness. The camera follows inside to see a scene of destruction. Several indoor gardens have been broken into and destroyed.


The flowers inside have been mostly burned to a crisp. The smell overcomes Terra as the camera turns to see her devastated face, tears rolling down her cheeks.


She finds her purple bag turned inside out and ripped, her belongings scattered throughout the room. She walks over to a large indoor garden, which seemed to have functioned like a miniature greenhouse. The lamp has been broken and twisted and the glass holding the flowers inside is scratched at.


Terra (sniffling): ...but why? helianthus...


Terra reaches inside to see the charred remains of a baby sunflower. As she touches it, it immediately breaks down into ash.


Terra turns around, her makeup running as she tries to hold back more tears. As she looks up on the wall, she sees large black paint on the wall spelling something out.


Terra (sobbing): "Go... Back... To... The... Woods..."


Terra pauses for a moment before reading the final scathing word written on the wall.


Terra (sobbing): "...Freak of Nature?"


Terra wipes tears from her eyes and tries to hold strong.


Terra: lusus naturae?


The camera awkwardly exits the locker room as Terra Daturas once again finds herself in tears, picking up what remains of the mess that's been made in contempt of her.

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