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Ladies Night fallout.

Lotus FloJo

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After losing another title match against Dragana, FloJo walks to the back where the other Otakru members are located. Ace is waiting.

Ace: FloJo! How could you…?!


FloJo: I know...I could have saved you…


Ace: That and you didn’t even win…Nice finisher though. *meow*


FloJo: Guess it’s the back of the line for the both of us.


Ace: That’s okay, you’re still our Otaku champion.


Ace pulls out a custom made Championship belt.


Ace:[smiles] See look, I made this with Crayola© Model Magic™!


FloJo: T-Thanks.


There’s a knock on the door: Ace answers. It’s a member of OCW management.


OCW manager: Lotus. I need to see you for a moment. Follow me.


FloJo: Uh..sure. Where are we going?


OCW manager: To my office.


The pair finally makes it to the office. The Manager ask FloJo to sit-down.


OCW manager:[clears throat] Now. FloJo...Sorry, Jane, do you remember what you did after your Devil’s Night match with Dragana..?


FloJo: Um...I gave her title to her and raised her arm…?


OCW manager: Nice Try.


OCW manager: Jane. You beat up the EMTs. They’re not trained to take beatings like that. Other words, they were real EMTs.


FloJo: Oh, well, I was running on adrenaline and--


OCW manager: And that made you attack them? Was it worth to look “badass “ in front of the fans? See those people were looking to seek legal action against you and the company.

FloJo: Sorry. Had I known, I wouldn’t have do it.


OCW manager pulls a form out of his desk and hands FloJo a pen.

OCW manager: Lucky for you, we have some very good lawyers. So we reached an agreement.


OCW manager: You will not be facing any charges.


FloJo: Neat.


OCW manager: However, you’ll be spending time at home for at least until after January.


FloJo’s stomach sunk




OCW manager: Now, sign on the dotted line stating that I told you this.

FloJo signs but is visibly upset.


OCW manager: Very good. Don’t be upset, your actions will come with consequences. See you in a month.


OCW manager: Good-bye.


FloJo exits the office. Cameraman pans to FloJo walking at a faster pace down the hallway.

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