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“The Silencer”

Damian Bourne

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Damian sits on a red leather couch in his Winnipeg home, eating hot Cheetos and drinking Dr.Pepper while watching old OCW matches. Aries vs Seth Irvine in an old Summercide submission match is playing on the television and something catches Bourne’s eye. He witnesses Aries hitting the devastating “GTS” on his opponent Seth Irvine and he starts to brainstorm. Damian stands up from his seated position on the couch, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV to go grab a notebook from his a travel bag.


Bourne: A move that deadly definitely will make my opponent “Go To Sleep”. If I somehow modify the setup of Aries’s legacy move but keep the same impact of the knee slamming onto the face I think I’ll have a way to put my opponents away for good. NO KICKOUTS!


While Bourne was talking to himself he was also sketching different ways to hit the GTS. Damian thinks to himself “What if I leap at the opponent and fall with both of my knees breaking their face. Damn it... Jacob Trance does that, unfortunately such a beautiful move is being used by a shit wrestler!”. He rips out the page he’s currently working on and crumbles it up, Damian then shoots it into the trash can nearby like a basketball.


Bourne: Damian Bourne with a three pointer from half-court!!! It’s unbelievable, from wrestler to NBA Star, nobody has ever done such a thing!!!


Damian laughs and starts to sketch again... “Hmm, what if I just start using a dragon sleeper like that one dude on Riot... the one that stands in the shadows of TTT... uhhh come on Damian... RUST!!! That’s who it is Rust Cohle, he just executes it so beautifully, but I would be copying such a well-known wrestler.” Hours pass and piles of crumbled up paper form on Damian’s couch from him trying to figure out how to create a deadly finisher.


Bourne: That’s it! It’s just like that Taco Bell commercial I saw a couple of days ago where the little girl is like “Why not both?”. I love that beautiful dragon sleeper that Rusty does but I also love Aries’s “GTS”. So it’s simple... I execute the dragon sleeper from behind but do not fall to the ground, I then turn their head the opposite direction and BOOM!!! Drop them right onto my knee and pin, now of course I’ll need to practice it in the performance center but I think I’m gonna be juuuust fine.


Bourne picks up his trash can and starts cleaning up his mess of failed designs for his new finisher. A stranger starts knocking at the door and as Damian walks to open it, the scene fades to black.

Edited by Damian Bourne
Changed “Cheetos” to “hot Cheetos”
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Clever transition with the Trash can line to a TTT member.


Where has this Damian been all my life?

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Clever transition with the Trash can line to a TTT member.


Where has this Damian been all my life?


Your not allowed to speak to him. Now that he does....what he is supposed to do!!! IE his EJob

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