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Pre Ambition Episode 2 Promo - KEITH HENDRIX


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This is too big for Ambition, unfortunately, so will be posted here


Scene opens with a new face we're seeing for the first time in OCW. A young woman in her mid 20s stands before the camera. She is wearing a classy, black dress with a high neckline and a fabulous, gold necklace. Her huge smile lights up the frame and she holds an OCW-branded microphone. The camera shot widens as she begins to speak. We see that she is standing in the backstage interview area with a large “OCW Ambition” sign displayed on a large monitor on the right hand side of the shot.

Woman: Good evening, everyone! My name is Danielle Torres. I'm a new interviewer here in OCW and I am so excited to be a part of Ambition! For my first live assignment, I'm here to get a word with rookie sensations T.Y. Sparks, Alex Asher, and Keith Hendrix. That's right, I am here to bring you your first exclusive interview...with The Experience!


All of a sudden her pleasant demeanor feels forced, hiding a slight panic. She looks beyond the camera for a cue before she continues.


Danielle Torres: ...So now, we're going to take you live to the locker room of The Experience, so we can have a word. Let's go!


She begins to walk off confidently, stage left. After two steps she pauses, turns towards the cameraman and points off camera, stage right.

Danielle Torres: Right, that way. I was just testing you. Follow me.


The camera follows Danielle as she walks down the nondescript hallway past a bunch of unmarked doors. Another OCW cameraman and segment producer (we're guessing, it's some pencil-neck with an OCW polo and another dude with a huge camera) walk past as she walks down the hall. After passing a few doors she makes a left into another long, wide-open corridor. Music can be heard playing in the background. She pauses for a second. Then swiftly continues, trying to avoid an obvious shift in pace.


Danielle Torres: Oh my God it smells like...


She catches herself. The music grows a bit louder. It's hard to tell what it is. But there's a lot of guitar. Way too much guitar. After about 5 seconds of walking she approaches a locker room door with a large, gold star and purple trim. The door reads “The Experience”. She lets out an inadvertent cough and quickly covers it by clearing her throat. She knocks on the door. She quickly tugs on her dress, and pulls the mic up to her mouth. But there is no response. She knocks again, much harder this time. After a second or two the door is cracked and a very, very large black man over 7 feet tall and 300 pounds steps out. He is wearing purple dress pants and shoes with a bright, glittering purple vest and tie combination. His eyes are hidden by purple-rimmed, Aviator-style shades. He looks at Danielle and quickly pokes his head back into the room. He can be heard trying to discreetly talk over the music.


Man: Mr. Bank...ey, Mr. Bank!... MISTER BANK!


The man stands against the wall next to the door with his arms folded. Just then an older, pale gentleman with wild, long, red hair, glasses, and a long beard emerges. He is wearing a glittering, purple suit. As he turns to close the door behind himself, the words “Bosses Make Bank” can be read on the back of his jacket. He looks a bit flustered. But he quickly grasps the edges of his jacket to gather himself and cinches his tie.


Older Gentleman: Well I take it from your little mic flag that you got there that you work for OCW. I don't know what the hell you're doing back here with that camera. Given the shape I'm in, I assume you didn't come back here offer to me one last crack at a world title match and given how underutilized my talents are here in OCW, for God's sake they got us working this damn Ambition rookie circle jerk- for cryin' out loud, I'm sure I'm not exactly next in line for a raise! SO...how can I help you there, Lil' Darling? You look fantastic in that dress by the way. Don't tell me who paid for it, now. Jeez, they tell me OCW is the big leagues. I get here and talent's still paying for gimmicks. But anyhow, I digress.


Danielle Torres: Um...thanks...I think. Sir, I'm Danielle Torres, the new backstage reporter for OCW. We're actually taping Ambition live right now. I was scheduled to have a backstage interview with T.Y. Sparks, Alex Asher, and Keith Hendrix- The Experience.

Older Gentleman: Thanks, hun. I know who The Experience are.


He chuckles.


Danielle Torres: I'm sorry, sir. I'm not quite sure who you are...or who he is. When The Experience didn't show up for their scheduled interview, I came here to find them.


Older Gentleman: Yeah, scheduled interview, you mentioned that before. What are you talking about? Oh by the way, pleasure to meet ya. I'm Robert Aurelius Bank, CEO of the Bank Corporation and Executive Manager for The Experience. And this is BIG DADDY NASTY, Tyrone. He's in charge of security for The Experience.

He extends his hand for a handshake. Danielle politely shakes his hand.


Tyrone: Ugh, you guys know I hate that name.


Robert A. Bank: Yeah, but we love it. Sorry, he's sensitive. But what's this interview nonsense? Nobody said anything to me about an interview.

He looks curiously at Tyrone. Tyrone just shrugs his shoulders.


Danielle Torres: Robert Aurelius Bank...?


Robert A. Bank: Yes, indeed. Ring a bell?


Danielle Torres: I think that's one of the name's my grandfather used to mention back in the day. Anyway, all talent were e-mailed and told what time they were to arrive for their interview segments. I was supposed to interview The Experience five minutes ago. Where are they?


Robert A. Bank: Well, clearly your grandfather has more sense than your employers.


Danielle Torres: I'm not quite sure what you mean by that.


Bank begins another smug chuckle. He's very amused with himself. He gestures towards the hallway and takes a few steps away from the door. Danielle follows along.


Robert A. Bank: Nevermind, you guys communicated directly...via e-mail with my clients about a specific time and place to be somewhere and you're surprised that they weren't there when they were expected to be! I can already tell I'm gonna have to clue you in.


He looks back over his shoulder at Tyrone. Tyrone just shakes his head from side-to-side.


Robert A. Bank: Communicating with The Experience...how do I say this politely? Direct communication isn't exactly their strong suit. You'd have a better chance at maintaining an epistolary romance with a limbless, mute horse than expecting a timely response from one of those divas. Have you ever had to manage multiple genuinely once-in-a-lifetime, generational talents?... Don't answer that, I forgot where I was for a moment. The Experience isn't just some Johnny-come-lately ragtag band of wrestlers. First, you gotta understand that T.Y. Sparks is known as “The Prince of Flight” for a reason. He may be a little too flippy-flippy, fly boy for my generational tastes, but he oozes sauce, drips swagger, and pops a crowd faster than you can pop a can of coke, you understand? Add to that, he's probably one of the most talented second-generation wrestlers in the business. You know what I mean? He's one of the few that can actually get it done instead of living off the great name of his forefathers. And as if you needed a cherry on top, his Purple Rain entrance is LITERALLY one of the most epic you're ever gonna see and sells tickets all by itself. Between you and I, for my money, he's already earned his contract before the damn bell rings. Then you got Alex Asher, “The Young Heartbreaker” himself. I'm not sure who would pick up a real phone and call “1-800-BEST-ITW” but from the way the women, and even some of the men, go crazy over that guy, I'm not sure if “Best in the World” refers to his wrestling or his lovemaking. I just know it certainly applies to his superkick and the super dollar signs I see when he's on the boob tube, or the Insta-what-have-you, or whatever. Last, but certainly not least is The Outlaw Prince himself, “Purple Haze”, Keith Hendrix. Okay, he may be a little aloof and eclectic. He certainly marches to the beat of his own drum. He's got a unique...uh...aroma about him, shall we say? He's a bit of the mad scientist type. But he's over like Rover, people love to hate him, and he was put on this planet to put butts in seats and make promotions relevant. But as a whole, they can be a bit high maintenance, especially when they get restless! So it's probably best if...


Just then the door opens and four young women exit giggling and straightening up their party attire. As soon as the door closes it swings back open. Out comes a buff male in a Chippendales attire. He scurries off after the girls. As soon as the door closes it swings open again. Two...let's call them Golden Girls (clearly, 70+) gingerly exit the room. One of them has a walker with tennis balls for feet. As she struggles to get moving the other looks back in the room and waves as she wiggles her hips a bit. We're not really sure what to call the move.


Golden Girl #2: Thanks, boys! We had a truly wonderful....EXPERIENCE. You boys are going straight to the top! Don't forget us! Call me when you come back to town.


Robert A. Bank: Yeah, they've been a bit preoccupied. Here, why don't you take down my information and pass it along to whoever's in charge of communication with talent. You be sure to run all future scheduling attempts through me, as I was sure to include in the contracts I negotiated for them. We'll hit the reset button and try 'Take 2' sometime in the near future.


Danielle Torres: Uh, sure. Are The Heartbreakers ready for their matches tonight?


Robert A. Bank: Well, I didn't go through all the trouble of getting them here to give dance lessons! Nice to meet you, Danielle.

Robert A. Bank walks back into the locker room and closes the door. Danielle Torres tries to hide her bewilderment as the camera fades to black.

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