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“The Future Of Flight”

Damian Bourne

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The scene is set in the OCW performance center, there’s few people training, and outside a light mist is setting. It’s around 3AM in the morning as Damian arrives at the center looking to try out some new moves. He sets his gym bag down next to his usual practice ring, out the corner of his eye he notices someone familiar, the same figure who’s constantly working in the performance center day in and day out. Bourne picks up his bag and walks over to the ring the man is highflying onto practice dummies in, as he gets closer and closer the figure is made out to be the young rookie T.Y. Sparks Jr. Setting his bag down next to the ring he would take his hand and start banging on the canvas to alert the Prince of Flight.


Bourne: I see you in here 24/7 working the hardest you can, but then I watch your matches backstage and see that you can’t get your opponent down for the 1-2-3 for real. What’s up with that anyways?


Sparks sits on the top rope, taking a drink of water to hydrate himself. He hops off from his seat and exits the ring to approach Damian. Mean mugging the wrestler he would put a towel over his shoulders. Bourne would chuckle at what he felt was ignorance directed towards him.


Bourne: When you’re in front of me you might want to check that street attitude at the door boy.


Sparks: Who are you to question my in ring work when your in ring work got you suspended. Actually why are you even here anyways?


Damian would extend his hand out towards the Prince of Flight to dap him up, Sparks hesitates for a second but eventually gives him dap.


Bourne: I like your style, for some reason you don’t seem soft like all your Air Quote Experience Air Quote buddies. I guess the reason why I’m here is to practice at getting better, just like yourself. Obviously you need it more than me, although someone like Damian Bourne could help you execute your moves more effectively and efficiently.


Sparks would think to himself “I’m the one who needs help? This fool can’t even stay on shows but I need the help…” Although the Prince of Flight had major confidence he did feel there was something missing when it came to his ability in the ring. His constant losses to his opponents would make him rethink what Damian has said to him


Sparks: Man...I’ll sleep on it, but I need to talk to my friends first.He chuckles a bit You’re ego is too big.


T.Y. would pick up his gear and head towards the showers to wash up after a long night of working out. Damian would feel like this experiment of his was gonna be just fine…

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