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Leroi Snaps

Leroi Daniels

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*Leroi sits on the couch in his condo during the evening, watching spaghetti westerns as he handles investment deals on his laptop. On the coffee table his feet were propped up on, his phone vibrates indicating that a notification had came through. He reaches over grabbing his phone, seeing that the notification was pertaining to his job(OCW). He sees that it was regarding a fantasy draft that the company was holding. He opens it up and displays the video through his phone to his laptop.*


Leroi: “This should be interesting.”


*Leroi sits and watches the entire video. Gunshots from the tv can be heard, as the video wraps on his laptop. Disrespected and perplexed, Leroi slams his laptop shut and sits in disbelief. He forcefully slides everything off the coffee table in anger, as a sinister laugh is heard. Leroi looks up towards the television, seeing that the laughter is from the western onscreen. The frame stops and red, cursive writing spells out the words “The Bad”. Leroi starts to pace around the room.*


Leroi: “All the support I give, showing up to shows, supporting facility; they don’t give a shit about me. They’ve turned their back on me and now the fans have done the same.”


*Suddenly, Damian walks into the condo.*


Damian: “Aye Leroi, I’m gonna need to crash here for a bi…”


*Damian sees the mess that Leroi has created and looks over at him.*


Damian: “What happened?”


Leroi: “See for yourself.”


*Leroi tosses his phone to Damian and he catches it. The video still plays, as he hears laughter coming from the phone. Damian watches for a bit and looks back at Leroi.*


Damian: “I’m sure it was just a joke, after all it’s mock draft.”


Leroi: “Bullshit! They meant every word of what they said. And now that the fans are watching this, they’ve turned on me too. *sigh* I’ve tried to be nice and be supportive of everything for this company, but look where that’s got me. Hmm… I’ll tell you where, NO WHERE!”


Damian: “Look just calm down, ok. The company appreciates everything we do for it, i guarantee you.”


Leroi: “Really?! Is that why they didn’t pick me in the draft? Is that why I’m laughed at after someone interviews? Is that why I haven’t been on any show since I last fought you? As that why they suspended you, even though you put your heart in soul into everything for them? Huh? Face it Damian, we’re nothing but slaves and ponds to them; performing for people who don’t appreciate us and don’t value our talent.”


Damian: “Listen…”


Leroi: “No you listen Damian, let everything I just said process in your head. And ask yourself what it’s worth, what at the end of the day was the fruits of our labor.”


*Leroi sighs and tries to collect himself, as Damian stands seeing the man he once saw as having unbreakable happiness fall into a pool of madness. Leroi walks over to Damian, snatching his phone from him and putting on his coat and shoes before storming out of the condo. Damian stands perplexed, finally shrugging his shoulder and flopping onto Leroi’s couch.*


Damian: “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, oh such a classic.”


*Damian would watch the movie, not giving a second thought to what was wrong with Leroi.*

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