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Breakfast, the most important meal.

Damian Bourne

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The scene is set in the kitchen of a New York apartment, faint footsteps can be heard getting closer and closer. Damian Bourne steps into the frame, opening up a cabinet and pulling out a box of DunkAroos. Leroi Daniels walks into the frame with a baseball bat in hands, Bourne turns around and is swung at by the young rookie. He successfully ducks before snatching the bat out of the hands of Leroi.


Bourne: What the hell is wrong with you?!


Leroi: Bruh, you’re still here?!


Damian drops the bat, and opens the fridge to grab some milk. Leroi has a disappointed look on his face as he picks the bat up off the floor. Damian starts to grab a spoon but his arm is grabbed by Daniels.


Leroi: You said for a couple of days Damian! Not for multiple weeks! You’re staying here running up all my goddamn bills!


Bourne: Are you done? Like...can you let go of me? Besides, I’m willing to help you out with some tips to defeat Mistico so my stay here can be prolonged. Deal?


Leroi lets go of Damian Bourne’s arm, and lets out a sigh. Thinking to himself “I do need a good win...all I’ve done is disappoint the fans with losses.” Daniels reaches into the cabinet and grabs a bowl for Damian.


Leroi: Talk...


Damian: All I’ve done is train Hijo De Mistico, if it wasn’t for me he’d be another jobber on the roster. Remember how he won the Pride Championship?


Leroi: ...Yeah why?


Bourne opens up the box, and pours the cereal into the bowl, grabbing the milk right after.


Damian: That was all me baby, I taught him all those holds he used to wear down the legs of Archer. I’ve had to carry that Mexican piece of trash on my back for the past months, just for him to take my titles and SAY HE EARNED THEM!!!


Leroi: Calm down Bourne...


Damian: Nah, I’m not gonna calm down because I do everything but the fakeness. What Mistico is doing on TV right now is being fake and a snake, he ain’t earned shit. I’m willing to give you what you need to defeat this pig as long as you’re willing to listen.


Bourne grabs his bowl of DunkAroos and walks out the kitchen, Leroi follows behind him in hopes of gaining all the knowledge he can to beat former Pride Champion Hijo De Mistico.

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