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February 2nd


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February 2nd PathFinder Productions presents Headlining band Circle II Circle live at "The Local"


Circle II Circle



Halcyon Way



Eclipsed by Sanity



Odin's Court




Live at "The Local"

1440 Roswell Rd

Marietta, GA




WE migh have a major announcement about a featured headlining band for our February 29th show. Details to come but trust me the name is huge!


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Do you mean it's a famous band or they just have a really long name... with big fonts... and all caps?


No like a Famous band they are from the 80's if your good on your bands names from back then they where somewhat like Iron Maiden but had the word METAL in thier name.


Anyhow the 29th show is looking a bit rough around the edges due to our Headliner CIRCUS MAXIMUS canceling out because they got a bigger tour gig which kinda disapoints me that they broke a comentment. Yet this will not stop us from rocking out and putting on a great show for the fans.

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We have 3 shows booked so far and maybe a 4th but i'am still unaware if it will happen due to one of the other bands having drummer situations but hopefully it pans out for them.


The Following show are


Feb 2nd @ "The Local" Marietta / GA


Feb 29th @ "The Local" Marietta / GA


March 8th @ " SoHo Bar & Grill" W/ Dead On Sunday Columbus / GA


I'll keep you guys posted on who is playing these shows with us as the dates get closer but the Feb 2nd show is going to be my favorite.

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Shit!! I thoguht I saw Columbus Ohio for a second, and was about to mark out. :(

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