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RIOT 527 - After The Show


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Several hours after RIOT ends...


The sound of a light clicking on is heard. Slowly, lights in the control room click on. The very room where Dupree, Paul Pugh, and Nate Ortiz control everything comes into frame.


A small OCW Staffer is seen cleaning up, picking up small pieces of trash and making sure the area is clean for the next RIOT after Certified Greatness.


Not a sound can be heard, as most of the arena has been emptied after the show.


The small gentleman continues his sweeping as the camera pans around the control room. After a few moments, he finishes up, straightening everything perfectly so to avoid the cruel punishment FAME would dish out if he were to make the smallest mistake.


He takes one last look around the room and makes sure everything is in order, before smiling, nodding to himself in approval and clicking off the lights. The light coming from the empty hallway shines through the door into the dark room…


The camera slowly turns to see a tall, large silhouette is standing behind the OCW Staffer. As he turns around he jumps back, his hand still on the light switch. The clicking is heard once again. As the lights turn back on, the figure becomes illuminated.


Ijitu Quartz standing hovering over the smaller staffer. He stares the man down, who backs away nervously with his hands up, seeming to plead.


Quartz: I’ll take it from here.


The man avoids a physical confrontation and runs off.


Quartz approaches a nearby control station that FAME tuns. He peers at several monitors and grows angry knowing that he’s been manipulated for the past 4 weeks.


Quartz gently places his smashed and battered 10-Gallon hat on the control desk with a note on top of it.


He looks around the room for a moment before noticing a box in the corner of the room that reads… “rookie garbage”. The text is scribbled sloppily on the front of the box. He lifts it up to examine its contents.


Amongst the items is a single microphone… a pair of Gucci Slides… a bandana…. A “Free Valk” t-shirt and several other items from various OCW stars.


After sifting through the items, he pulls out a pair of sunglasses. His PRISTINE SUNGLASSES. He tosses the box back into the corner and places the box back into the corner.


As he turns to leave, he once again clicks the lights off, locks the door from the inside and stands ominously in the doorway.


Quartz: Your time is coming, Paul Pugh.


The camera shifts back over to the 10-Gallon hat and the note… that reads “Go F*** Yourself”.


Quartz slams the door shut and the camera fades to black.

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