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Headed Home


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Sometime after Riot 530...


The sound of crickets chirping into the moonlight accompanies the view of a mostly empty US 1 highway. Single cars drive by, one after another.


The street lights come into focus, small bugs flickering about.


Another car, with a slightly louder engine, can be heard driving down the street. The camera focuses on this car, a black Honda Clarity, small droplets of sprinkling rain floating off of the windows and shiny exterior.


The tinted windows hide the identity of driver as the view moves to the front of the moving vehicle.


Back to the outside of the car, it drives quickly by a sign...


Welcome to Providence


Voiceover: Finally back home!


After a few passing moments, the scene fades into a Providence suburb and the Honda Clarity pulls into a driveway. At this point, the sky has turned a new-morning pink. The sun just barely illuminating the night sky.


As the door opens, the driver steps out... Grabs a large backpack out of the car and walks up the small stairs to the front door of the home. The clinging of his keys unlock the front door and standing in the doorway is an older woman with a big smile on her face.


Woman: Taylor!


The camera zooms out to see the young man from behind. He removes his hat and holds it in his right hand.


Young Man: I'm back home, momma.


As the young man wraps his mother up in a big hug, the text on the front of his hat is clearly shown.





The camera fades to black after panning up into the pink morning sky, birds chirping off in the distance.

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