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A "Quiet" Evening


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The camera switches to a dark living room, focusing on a couch in the middle with a recliner on the periphery. Solomon Caine is leaning back while the woman seen before leans on his shoulder.


The camera pans to the television, which is showing the Rookie Battle Royal at Road 2 Glory. The match ends, and Danny Watts is celebrating in the ring. Caine reaches over to the side table and pauses the show.


Solomon Caine: Ha! You see what I told you? Absolute bullsh-t Lauren, absolute bullsh-t. Why even bother showing up in the first place if there just gonna stick me in a rookie royal? "It's a way to stand out?" How?! How is that a way to stand out? If management wanted to see a real show they would've stuck me up against anyone of those bastards an-


Lauren sits up.


Lauren: So why didn't you win?


Solomon Caine: What?


Lauren: Why didn't you win? I mean, aren't you the best?


Solomon Caine: Because the match was absolute bul-


Lauren: Sounds like an excuse to me.


Solomon Caine: An excuse?! What in the hell are you on about?!


Lauren: If you're the best, prove it Solomon. Quit screwing around and hyping yourself up if you can't win a match. You didn't lose because the match sucked. You lost because you sucked.


Caine snaps up and begins to speak in a rage, but is seemingly unable to find the words. After a moment, he leans back to rest on the couch in a frustrated rage. He rubs his face with his left hand which comes to rest on his chin.


Lauren: Any means necessary right? That's how you got here. Where'd you lose that Solomon?


Caine is silent.


Lauren: What kind of boy have you become? Blaming the match for your problems?! What a joke. Where's the man I know?


Caine loudly sighs.


Lauren: Call me when you find him.


Lauren gets up off the couch and walks off camera. Caine sits pondering for a moment and then pushes everything off the side table: lamp, remote, and all, in a frustrated rage and exclaims "Fu*k!". He then forcefully pushes himself off the couch and storms off camera. The camera fades.

  • Mark Out! 3

Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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