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La Estrella Fugaz Debut Promo

Cort Marshall

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The video package begins with a highlight reel of various promotions, ranging from small indie venues to bigger (though still not huge) arenas. The common thread between them all is a luchadora in green and gold; the outfit varies but the colour scheme remains. The most striking aspect is, of course, the mask, with a golden star pattern on the front capped by a raised “blade” at the top. The montage consists of big moves, drives, flips, technical wrestling and all you’d expect from a luchador--though it also has quite a bit of strong striking in as well. After a minute of high-paced action, it fades into an interview, seemingly shot in a hallway, probably in one of those arenas.


The luchadora begins to speak, in perfect English albeit with an unmistakable Mexican accent.


Lucha: My name is La Estrella Fugaz. In English, that means “Shooting Star.” I have been wrestling for five years now, in Mexico and Japan. Soon, I will be coming to America. As I stand here in Japan, it is tough to say goodbye. I have learned much here.


She looks around the hallway before continuing.


Estrella: But one of the things I have learned is that to succeed, you must take flight. You must bare your soul to the flash of cameras and the pain of defeat. You must broaden your horizons. And so… I come back to my continent, but not to my country. I come to New York City. I come for OCW.


Estrella: There are two reasons for this. OCW is the biggest federation in North America. Therefore, it will have the best competition. The best chance for me to hone my skills…


Estrella: More importantly… I have watched OCW in my studies of the art of wrestling. And in it, I have seen not just great competition, and great opponents.


Estrella: I have also seen some of the most disgusting acts of villainy. I have seen hatred, and greed. I have seen innocents suffer for the crimes of the guilty. I have seen a company so large… that it does not notice the sickness inside itself.


Estrella:I do see those who fight the good fight. But it is not enough to fight; you must win. And you must destroy those who abuse power, who abuse goodness. They are a cancer. They will spread if allowed to. I refuse. I have seen too much of that in my life already. Good people of OCW... I will fight for you. I will banish the evil in your company. La Estrella Fugaz is coming… and there will be Justice.


She stares into the camera with fire in her eyes as we fade out.

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