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Leo Grimm

Nate Mac

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Leo Grimm





THEME SONG: God of War/Arthur Comes to Sophie/Meeting Bruce Wayne compilation

SIGNATURE MOVES(S) 1. Heart Punch(The Tell Tall Heart)

2. (Crucifix Power Bomb1) Glass Coffin


FINISHERS(S)Suplex Piledriver 2 (Grim Ending)


NOTABLE FUEDS: FPR, Moveset with other finishers, XBOX DMs. El Parca and Odon Klein, Lost Boys, Winning.


ACCOLADEStitles held, and date, Awards, etc) I once won ugliest mustache of the year and the people's choice chicken wing winner at the command cook off. Earned -5 stars review in debut match because of my FPR mainly Crapples and Moonwalking and having a buttload of other people’s finishers in my moveset.


Biography: Leo Grimm is a former Traveler who journeyed through the world seeking answers to the questions which never made sense to him. He views mankind as a sinful lot who has lost it’s way. He is obsessed with the idea of Deliverance, and the purification of sin through suffering and pain.


Grimm is said to have traveled through the underworld seeking The Dragon of Deliverance, and once he found him, the Dragon tortured him for months. Leo is rumored to fear nothing and is on a mission to bring Deliverance to OCW.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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