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Visiting Home

El Parca

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The scene opens up as El Parca is seen holding his cell phone in front of his face smiling.


El Parca: Amigos! Look, we are home.. well mi casa! El Parca backs up the phone farther away from his face as it is clear he has not yet switched the camera from facing him to the background.


El Parca still not noticing his mistake..


El Parca: This is where mi familia stays at! Over there is mi mama. HOLA MAMA! And, right there is mi papa who is helping train mi hermano try to be a luchador like me! El Parca looks at the camera and finally notices his mistake..


El Parca: Oh come on! Goodness I am not the smartest am I? El Parca chuckles to himself.. OI PAPA! I'M HOME!


El Parca's family finally notices that their son is home and walk towards him as El Parca also flips the camera towards them and then hands it off to his brother..


El Parca's Father: MY BOY! MY BOY IS HOME! What brings you back home mijo? Are you okay? Are you hurt? You didn't get hurt did you mijo? Oh no I told you not to go to this American company they don't care about your well being do they mijo?


El Parca: PAPA!! Noooo.. I am not hurt and I am more than okay. I came to visit since it is Wrestlelution season! I obviously won't be on the card this year but I get the best seat in the house as I'll be backstage watching the show!


El Parca: But, I did come home also to train papa.. I need to change some certain things that just aren't working like they used to work back here at home.


El Parca's Father: Ahhh okay my boy now we are talking. I see, I see, well. We can definitely do that as your hermano over here has been training as well. You both can train together and we will go through some new things that I have been thinking would work perfectly for you.


El Parca's mother walks up to the father & son with a corona in hand and a box in the other..


El Parca's Mother: Mijo.. El Parca's Mother shows off a huge grin with a few tears going down her cheeks as she hasn't seen her son in a couple of weeks. Oh it has been so long my boy.. here sit sit I have something for you!


El Parca, his mother, and his father all sit down on their porch outside of their house.


El Parca's Mother: We had these specially made from the same woman who made your original ring gear.. I noticed the pride and heart you exhibited in both of your fights while you've been gone.


El Parca's Mother hands him both the corona and box, El Parca then places the corona down on the table as he opens the box unveiling attires that were blurred out from the camera.


El Parca: Mama.. thank you... thank you so much mama.. they are truly beautiful and I cannot wait to show them to the OCW fans!


El Parca's Mother smiles as El Parca's Father taps his son on his shoulder..


El Parca's Father: How are your ribs mijo? I seen your match with that Cort Marshall and my oh my is he a big boy.


El Parca: Big boy and a strong boy he is papa! My goodness he was throwing me all over the ring like I was some unwanted mariachi! But, my ribs are fine that is why I came home because since after Lution we will have some time off I figure why not visit my familia before and after Lution!


El Parca's Father: We can make this happen mijo.. we definitely can make this happen. But right now we will not worry about training. Now is the time to celebrate and rejoice that my son is home! Come come let us eat and drink it's time to celebrate my boy!


El Parca notions to his brother that he can turn off the camera and as the camera starts to point down it is just barely shown as El Parca is beginning to take off his mask as he and his family start to laugh as the screen fades to black..

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