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  1. Great preview and breakdown BASH. One thing I would say that I personally dislike about the card IS the North American Championship match. Telos, just winning the title I am all for defending his strap but not against C-Note and not on the first TV show back. While I have zero issue with the Pride Championship main eventing, I think that's actually a tremendous Main Event to come back with I feel the NA match really showcases at times where we sort of abandon the actual pro wrestling aspect of things. This seems more like C-Note beat Reese, let's throw him a bone. Now I can respect that + admire it but I just don't think this is the right thing for him. I'd like to see C-Note continue building his momentum and perhaps either going for the CCW title or aiming for another big name instead of being slotted into a midcard championship match. It gives me similar vibes of when Reese finally lost the tag titles and instead of waiting to go into the World Title picture he went into the International Title picture which in my opinion, hampered his momentum because you get very few shots where you're at the top with the momentum. This goes for BOTH C-Note & Telos, Telos finally got a crowning moment and we could see yet again another champion lose their title on not only their first defense attempt but the first show back. We had moments where Sheldon lost the World Title + the International Title and folks were really bummed out / questioning, "Well can he really be a true champion?" I think with Telos due to his build / how he's portrayed himself I WANT to see him be a dominant champion, I however do not want to see C-Note in a situation like this where he could lose and squander some of that momentum he just got by defeating an extremely game Reese, but I also don't want Telos to lose his championship on the first show back and in his first defense. Obviously you'll have people do the age old "comp is comp" and sure that's fine but I just would've rather liked to see if this match (a North American Championship match) was gonna happen it be against someone that isn't C-Note. Especially since Telos is a for certain heel and C-Note is in his weird tweener / heel stage at the moment. Maybe the match will go well and they end in a draw / DQ / or some fuck shit happens and I'm relieved but we shall see.
  2. It’s almost like RyVaughn & Devon both had a short connection with a particular short, bald lawyer named Feinstein they could hit up. But then again with all that juice theirs sipping? Them brains are fried.
  3. Let’s switch the vibe and get back to the matches shall we? I’ll be commenting on the segments more when I’m at home because I don’t have forever to sit down and type everything atm. Horse vs. Illuminati (Singapore Cane Match) I wasn’t in love with this match. The game fucked on Illuminati and glitching the attire is just one of those things that drives my head up a wall. How we’re able to have issues like this in modern gaming is CRAZY. Anyways, Horse has been on an unstoppable run with PPV matches that + the hype package did showcase the importance of this match and I really enjoyed it. The match itself was just about what you’re gonna get when you have someone who is stomping on another and the guy just can’t get much going. I said I feel Spider doesnt really know how to play the game (I still stand by this) but after rewatching he was getting his ass ate out (no pause) so Horse got it done and completed the TTT singles matches. Now we just need the REAL TTT Perfect Circle match in S19 / 2k24. Kasscum vs. Perfect Storm It’s interesting how Perfect Storm are these two menaces in singles and tag team action BUT! It seems like they really can’t get their bearings going when it comes to teams that either are newly formed or there isn’t much tape on. We saw an aggressive back and forth between Harvey & Wrex with Kass doing his own thing and overall the match was decent. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it, but that’s not those guys fault it’s the games fault for making tag matches dreadful at times. The match quality earned extra points on how fucking gorgeous it was. Seeing Perfect Storm slip up and lose was honestly something I was not expecting. I’m curious to see if we get a rematch or if they breakup or maybe they choose a new target! I’m hoping for either the rematch or a new target, I don’t want Perfect Storm to end and I’m loving both those guys together. While I absolutely HATE the meme some of the community runs with for Kasscum I’d really like to see them stay together as well. Kass has always been this main character / final villain type vibe and for him to be with Wrex in this weird love / hate relationship is really cool. I wouldn’t even hate an attempt for them to fight The Lobby and then maybe even try to go for the tag titles cause cmon, that would be madness! The tag division is in a wonderful state going into S19 / 2k24. Aisu vs. B17 (CCW Championship Match) This match really hit hard for me. The build for the match wasn’t the greatest but I feel that’s because Bingo is still trying to find himself on his current run. Aisu being a heel is nothing new and I’m in love with him going this route again. THAT is how you do a heel turn and THAT is how you quickly establish yourself as a proper heel. Take notes people, but also take notes to MEVER EVER EVER!!! Count out B17 because when you doubt this man he make you eat your words! Absolute perfect ending for the match and beyond happy to see B17 retain here. The door is open for the rematch, a new challenger, or maybe a crazy multiman. This is the type of match that can show people the CCW title deserves respect and can hold up with the OCW title. Massive kudos to both dudes, both should be extremely proud and I can’t wait to see Aisu’s heel run continue especially as a main eventer in the CCW scene. Joanna vs. Shianne vs. Deborah (Women’s Championship Match) While the match (well the first one for that matter, was short) there’s always room for having short matches especially with the aftermath as well. Deborah is absolutely starting to make the case that she is the most dominant, unstoppable woman in OCW today. That is an outstanding and remarkable thing to have in your hat for her first ever world title reign. I love Shianne, I love the look, the moveset, the entrance, I just really don’t like her alignment right now. I feel with the story Shianne was in the middle of these two big, evil, bad women and she could / still can be showcased as this scrappy underdog who anyone can get behind to cheer. Obviously not everything you want / wish for will come true in OCW but I’m really hoping that Shianne does start to walk the path of being the main baby face that the division desperately needs. Deborah then winning the first match and then pretty soundly defeating Flojo? That was a history making moment. For the last FIVE YEARS / HALF A DECADE! The women FI holder has ALWAYS been successful. Flojo watched C-Note lose his FI and wasn’t able to break the curse and well she broke the streak of successful cash ins. Nothing to be ashamed of at all, I hope now that she’s without the case Flojo can go back to her roots of being a baby face and trying to work her way back up to the champ. Amazing performances by Deborah, incredible reign so far, beyond excited to see how her season goes next season. Maxx Edwards vs. El Parca (OCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) A crowning moment for a man who deserved it just about more than anyone. Someone who has consistently had stellar feuds, excellent work in and out the ring, and will continue to bring that to the world title scene is a champion to be proud of. Maxx got the better of El Parca that night, fluke? domination? can Parca rebound from it? Who knows. That’s the mystery of having a major championship switch hands right before the seasons end. Parca will have to lick his wounds and regroup from here while Maxx Edwards did exactly what he said he would. He made him vulnerable, was a step ahead at every corner and took his championship. Incredible win and I’m beyond proud of Maxx and will never be able to thank him enough for giving me one of the best feuds I’ve done in OCW.
  4. Yea you’re definitely a yikes rn. Idk what this whole attitude / mentality you’re rocking is but you might wanna take your own advice pookie. The fact you’re jumping so hard over something like this that you didn’t even have any dealing with is also just adding hypocrisy (omg look at us BOTH hypocrites!) so calm down and drink some decaf instead of jumping all over the place because a person who DID deal with bs from them is now saying something. But god is good and there’s levels to it so stay calm and be good now.
  5. This weirdo white knight approach and being outright crude & mean is not it whatsoever. There’s disagreeing to a point but then there’s just being an outright asshole. Dude is calling it how it is and just trying to attack someone who lets be honest, very few people are on his level with work and creativity? You are gonna win that one pumpkin. Anyways, maybe put that energy into more positive and decent ventures + maybe help your friend (who’s been here 6 or so years) to learn fpr and maybe he won’t have rampant comments on how he soured a very hyped / history filled tournament finals match.
  6. I’m just gonna hit some notes on the matches since I’ve had some time since the podcast & watching that Y’know, I just wanna say. EMP vs. Ashley (S-Cup Finals) The fpr issues aside I think this match goes to show how OCW can be so brutal at times. Emp dominated this tournament and in my eyes this was her tournament to win and her crowning moment to become the first ever Women’s Pride Champion. To see her in this match get dog walked is something I genuinely wasn’t expecting. Behind the curtain, I don’t think Emp plays very much but I also think Ashley doesnt either. The nature of the beast with these games and at times it does give you these conclusions where mans I wish we got the one we actually wanted to see. No disrespect to Ashley, that was a performance you put on, once again regardless of the FPR stuff. They were cruising in this match and just locked in when they had too so congrats to them. I will reiterate though, Emp always makes her matches / stories feel important. Both of these handlers have been in OCW for a good amount of time now, while I will say yes not having a hype package for every match DID help those that did, this one absolutely should have had one and it is not solely on Emp. JynX vs. Scotty X This is a moment where both guys should feel proud of themselves. You made it onto an actual PPV and not an Ambition PPV, so take this in stride and love it while you can. Both guys still in my eyes need work with how they go about stuff and how they move forward in the future. JynX shows promise but I’m still a little confused / curious to see how he exactly unfolds more of his character in the fed as time passes on. I’m curious to also see where Scotty goes from here. You may have lost the match but don’t let that define you so hopefully he doesn’t just disappear after losing and can turn this into an even bigger positive. Tag TLC Match Sometimes it’s a home run and sometimes it’s a miss. For the general consensus it seems to be a miss, and that’s okay. Better to try and not love the result than not try at all and always wonder if it would’ve worked. I’m extremely proud of RyVaughn & Devon with this feud. Mass Effect being a consistent presence in the tag division that MANY people need to take a look at. This is how you build a team, build character, and don’t get lost in the shuffle. Devon is easily tied for most promising rookie out of this bunch of rookies. RyVaughn is a star in the making (if he lives to see the ring again) so they both should be extremely proud of themselves for what they’ve been doing. Future Idiots as well, Jordan Trance while at times plays a background character to John has found himself more in FI as has John even though he makes some extremely questionable decisions at times. Both these dudes are committed to each other (perhaps) and the tag division. They had a very good run, fought their asses off and went down with a god damn war. While some folks will have comments on it and that’s fair, I’m very happy with how this feud went and just the overall fun we had in it. So massive pat on the back to all the guys involved in it. C-Note vs. Mark Reese I really want C-Note to be successful. While the guy goes way too many directions character wise for my liking I can tell he wants to be higher up on the card and wants to prove that to people. Something that I always harp on and C-Note specifically has had comments made about is his lack of pulling the trigger. We seen it at Anni 19 and we saw it here as well. You really gotta just fucking go for it at times especially when you have 2-3 fins & a signature. Yes you won from a normal move which is wild but I’d have preferred seeing you make a statement victory with a move that matters of yours. Reese has zero to be ashamed of in this performance, for an out of his prime dude? He took C-Note to the absolute limit which goes to show if he just takes some time off (almost like we got a break coming up) and focuses on himself and trains? S19 could be the season where he finally accomplishes his true goal. OWEN vs. Sheldon Tremblay (International Championship) A true coming out party for OWEN and a massive disappointment for Sheldon. Both guys we’ve seen can be 50/50 when it comes to singles matches especially big singles matches. This was a match where OWEN was in a must win situation imo. After the massacre at Anni 19 he could not allow Sheldon to come in here and make it look easy. OWEN did just that and showed everyone that tonight he was the better man and he is the true International Champion. While it’s heartbreaking to see Sheldon lose the title I am excited to see where he goes from here because he has many paths that he can go down attitude wise. I don’t doubt this feud is far from over so I’m keeping a close eye on both guys. I'm going to bed now I’ll do the other half of the matches tomorrow then touch on the segments as well.
  7. He’s 100% lying. Dudes starting to fall for the psycho girl (cause let’s be honest they’re THE BEST) and he’s attracted to controlled chaos because he runs OCW. And OCW is a fucking chaotic landscape so EMP fits his type (I’m definitely chatting shit but I like this narrative!) When he slips up and she takes the company over it’s gonna be actually insane.
  8. On Deadly Ground fr just the injury ground of OCW
  9. Incredible rundown of the matches Belle. Your remarks definitely made me chuckle and it’s always nice seeing different perspectives and takes on matches especially when we have a PPV like last night. Alas, no Dos Straps… FOR NOW!
  10. Having polls is pretty dope ngl. Now we can do post show stuff a lot easier.
  11. I will roar with mighty ferocity when I watch Big Country slam you into a pile of rubble! You and your damn phony Hunnit dollar bills!!!
  12. Just because you did a lil cosplay don’t mean I’m rooting for you! Big Country all damn day. You’ll see how out of his “prime” he is when he’s slamming you punk.
  13. Dope first promo! Really nailed the Morrison method for your first as well. Only thing I’d recommend is just add in some actions once in awhile to break up the wall of dialogue. But even then, nothing bad at all! Really excited to see you debut and see how far you go. Welcome to OCW!
  14. Shoutout Jimmy for setting the standard to what I will not meet. SUPER S CUP FINALS - ASHLEY MOORE vs. EMP EMP needs to win this. This tournament was made for him and I need to see her complete the mission. OCW CHAMPIONSHIP - EL PARCA vs. MAXX EDWARDS MOTY #1 CCW CHAMPIONSHIP - B17 vs. AISU B17 is gonna shock the world out of sheer spite and determination. If Aisu can’t hit them fins or sigs then it’s ball game maggle. ALL STAR TAG #2 - KASSCUM vs. PERFECT STORM Perfect Storm makes it look easy. INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - OWEN vs. SHELDON TREMBLAY One of the best built matches of the season that deserves its flowers. There is only winners coming out of this match. But for the parlay, OWEN gets it done in dominant fashio. TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS TLC - MASS EFFECT vs. GRIT & GLORY vs. FUTURE IDIOTS MOTY #2 GRUDGE MATCH - C-NOTE vs. MARK REESE Do or die for both men for varying reasons. Reese needs to remind folks that he’s still that guy and C-Note needs a big win to remind people he is right where he belongs in the upper card. Parlay purposes though, Big Country gets it done. SINGAPORE KANE MATCH - BLACKSMITH vs. RYU MATSUMOTO If there is any man who defies space, laws, physics, and death. Ryu can be the man who finally defeats the Horse and ends the PPV streak. Bet the house on Trash. WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP - JOANNA SILVER vs. SHIANNE LOVELAVE vs. DEBORAH MOTY #3 GRUDGE MATCH - JynX vs. Scotty X. Scotty X
  15. BREAKING NEWS! Sources close to Brian Williams have informed him about the reasons surrounding why El Parca was not present at Turmoil 302. Sources claim the Grand Slam Champion wasn’t present due to surrounding issues with his personal life and contractual negotiations. El Parca had signed a contract extension last year before the highly anticipated Wrestlution 16 Main Event against Harvey Ocean and Colby McCallum. Dennis Dillinger and then GM of OCW, Tiberius Dupree signed the extension for one year as Parca had internal struggles mentally and physically. After returning to action at RIOT 600, the path back to the top has been bumpy for the former World Champion. Recent struggles with KC Barrett, Aries, and the sudden betrayal from Anthony Martin has had a severe impact on Parca’s mental health. With the recent power struggle stemming from the results of Wrestlution 17, with Drago Cesar now becoming COO and Empress being fired and then rehired, contract negotiations haven’t been as speedy as they once were. WhereCulture has tried reaching out to El Parca for comment but we’re unable to do so. His representative, Dennis Dillinger has gone on record with a press release late last week stating, “This is all semantics. As soon as I have a sit down with COO Drago Cesar all of this will be handled. In the meantime El Primero is taking some personal time as he sees fit. When you’re a star of that caliber, time moves around you, not vice versa.” With this report some fans are speculating that perhaps Summercide 2023 was the last time we will see El Parca. While this story isn’t finished yet, WhereCulture will bring any and all updates when they are received.
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