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Jackman after Lution

Code Jackman

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The scene opens up at John F. Kennedy International airport as Code Jackman is waiting at a Starbucks getting his favorite Moca Latte when he is rushed by a few beat reporters from TMZ, ESPN, and OCW.com.


OCW.com reporter: Code Jackman, what are your thoughts after your match against your GM Malu?


Code Jackman: I was the underdog the entire time. I have been the underdog since I have been in OCW and I finally had my moment. It doesn’t matter who came out to face me, I am the underdog. Nobody wanted me in this match, I heard it from a lot of people backstage. I didn’t let that effect me. To answer your question, I mean it sucks, I really thought I had him in the final minutes of the match, but I guess the better man won.


TMZ reporter: Code, what did you think of Jett Draven coming out to attack Malu and possibly challenge him for the title.


Jackman looks at the reporter like he asked him a stupid question.


Code Jackman: What is this a Japan promotion where you have to come out to attack someone for a title shot? What has he done? Really, you tell me what he has done in OCW? You can’t speak for yourself so you want someone to come out here and be your voice while you fight?


Jackman pauses for a moment.


Code Jackman: I know I was lucky to win the title in the fatal four way, but I am here every week doing something. If it is not me that is number one contender for the CCW title it sure in hell not him. I am not the only one who thinks this. Go ahead and tweet that or facebook something.


ESPN Reporter: Code, first off, that was an incredible match, but what is the next step for you?


Jackman grins and smiles.


Code Jackman: Well, I am going to go back to my home town, ice my body, try to connect with people I have wronged in the past and ask them for forgiveness. I already have crossed one person off the list in Wrex.


OCW.com reporter: You said there was going to be a press conference for your match? What happened and why wasn't there one?


Code Jackman: I have been sick since Monday and I started to feel better during Prime yesterday. I thought it was the best bet not to hold one.


Jackman looks at the reporters as they say thank you to Code and leave.


Code Jackman shouting: I mean what I said, I don’t think he should be in the picture.


Speakers at JFK International: Now boarding flight 232 to St. Louis.

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Awesome Promo to counter what happened. Plays up the ego side of the character, but also the "chip on the shoulder". I think one of the most underrated skills in OCW has always been being able to stay conceptually relevant after a title loss. That's what separates the good characters from the great. As a fan, I don't really care if the character/wrestler loses. It's about how he keeps me interested in what he does next. That doesn't always need to be a title, but how does the character build up and keep the story going until the next title shot comes around.


Nice work Code!

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LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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