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The Mind of Quartz - June 4th, 2019: An Unceremonious Return


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Taking Place Immediately Following Wrestlution XIII


Sounds of crowd cheers take over the scene... A black screen covers the view, but we can tell something big has happened in OCW.


Voice: ...I guess you think you're big shit now?


The view flickers on to see Inness Quartz inside the Mind of Quartz. He knows he's there, his face more anxious than you'd expect after winning the OCW Undisputed Tag Team Championships.


As the view zooms out, you can see the typical fixings of the Mind of Quartz... Total black with flashes of light in the background. Inness Quartz stands in the purgatory, staring at something just out of view.


His gaze attracts the attention of the view, which shows an angered Ijitu Quartz. He appears as we last saw him, in street clothes and messy mid-length hair.


Ijitu: You did it. Go ahead, gloat.


Inness: Ijitu... I'm so happy to see you.


Ijitu scowls and clenches his jaw. He stands up and the chair he was sitting on vanishes.


Ijitu: Well I'm not happy to see you. Couldn't help to butt in where you weren't wanted, huh?


Inness' expression does not budge. He is legitimately happy to see Ijitu back inside the Mind after he disappeared before Road 2 Glory.


Inness: I thought you...


Ijitu: Thought what? Thought I broke? Thought I didn't have what it took to hang around in this dark abyss? Pathetic.


Inness: You understand why I had to take control.


Ijitu: Hah! That's where you're wrong, Inness. You didn't take control. I gave up. I quit on the body because it wasn't good enough. I lost time and time again. I... I lost... because of this pathetic excuse for a body that you said you made better!


Inness: Ijitu... You and I both know it's not all about the body. This body has been through so much. Our collective mind carries the vessel.




Inness: It's our job to continue to bring strength and pride to his vessel. You know--


Ijitu: Don't you tell me what I know, bub'!


Ijitu, with tears in his eyes, points at Inness, then back to himself reverently.


Ijitu: That... That was supposed to be me.


He looks down at the Undisputed Tag Team Championship, hoisted over Inness Quartz' shoulder.


Inness: ... It could have been ours.


Ijitu slouches down backwards. He lands on a sofa that manifests itself from thin air.


Ijitu: I just don't understand... It's never me. Why can't I do it, Inness? Why can't I make him proud? Why can't I represent Isaiah?


Inness: ...


Ijitu: You see? You don't have an answer either... I just... I just don't understand.


Inness is frozen in place, looking down at his blue counterpart holding his head in his hands.


Innes: You have had an indescribable impact on this... place, Ijitu.


Inness: When I travel, people... They still call me "Ijitu". They recognize CQC as "Ijitu Quartz and Rust Cohle". That's because of you.


Inness: I'm the one that's in control now... Holding this championship. But it couldn't have happened without you. Do you understand that?


Inness, trying to level with his counterpart inside the Mind of Quartz... Reaches down to Ijitu, still broken up about the entire situation.


Ijitu: No...


Ijitu: There are only two things that make sense here, gah' dammit.


Ijitu: Either... I'm completely useless... or you stole my moment from under my feet.


Inness' eyes widen and begin to also tear up as his attempts to reach Ijitu seem to have been in vein.


Ijitu: From the very beginning... 18 years of this. You've always been the same condescending do-gooder that has to prove me wrong...


Inness: No... Iji--


Ijitu: ENOUGH! Hahahahah!


Still tears falling down his face, Ijitu leaps from the sofa, which fades away into the mind, standing face to face with Inness.


Ijitu: You know? If I could hurt you... I would. I want nothing more than to break you. I am not the bad guy, despite how much you want me to be.


Inness: Please--


Once again interrupted, Inness flinches as Ijitu swings at him... His hand going straight through his face with no impact. Ijitu looks back down at the championship belt and scowls.


Ijitu: ...I hate you, Inness... You don't deserve this...


Ijitu walks off into the black purgatory, disappearing eventually... Another voice pops up, as tears continue to run down Inness' cheeks.


Intell: Congratulations. You did it.


Inness: ...


Intell: Are you not pleased? You've proven yourself right. You've done what you sought to do from the start.


Inness does not respond, instead wiping his tears away and closing his eyes tight... As he opens them, they are bloodshot... But he is back in the locker room. In the real world. Still in control. Still the OCW Undisputed Tag Team Champion.

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