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Visions of the Past

Nathan Gaines

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The camera pans in from an aerial view to a country style farmhouse. We see tall grass swaying with a weak but steady summer breeze. Through the tall grass we see an old brick path leading up to an over-sized wrap around porch, where there are two wooden rockers and a closed screened door




The sun is setting behind the house and as the camera comes closer to the door, we can hear the noise of a television playing in the background, without clear discernible audio. As the camera enters into the house we see a long hallway which to the back leads to an open kitchen where we can see a woman with long blonde hair pulled back while she cooks an elaborate meal. To the right is an old wooden stair case with hand rails that are painted white but with chips along the way showing, the many miles put on the staircase themselves. The camera pans left to a living room where we see the television we heard previously playing. On the screen is the opening to OCW programming.


Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Dinner is almost ready Nathan, can you head upstairs and let Sean know.


Nathan Gaines: Just one second and I'll head up there. Is he on the computer again?


Jeni Wilson-Gaines: You know him, he's obsessed with watching old wrestling footage. He's definitely your son and my brother's nephew.


Nathan Gaines: You'll have to blame his godfather Recon for that one.


As the camera pans back to the hallway we see on the the wall leading up the stairs pictures of a bygone era. At the top of the stairs is a memorabilia case. The camera goes up the stairs, and in the case is a CCW Heavyweight title and a picture of Manu and Nathan Gaines backstage after their ladder match. On the shelf below is a EX Division Championship and a picture of Nathan Gaines with his wife Jeni and his brother in law Matt Wilson backstage at the arena. Just as the camera pans out we hear in the distance Nathan's voice


Nathan Gaines: Time for dinner Sean.


Sean Gaines: Just a few more minutes I'm just about to see the end of Kage vs Ortiz.


Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Sean, dinner, now!


Sean Gaines: Fine!! Coming


As the boy comes down the stairs and starts to head towards the kitchen, he turns left looking at the television playing in the background. The camera, which is now behind him turns with and sees the OCW logo on the screen


Sean Gaines: Dad, do you miss it at all? Being a part of OCW?


Nathan Gaines: That's the best part of OCW Sean. Just cause you stop wrestling doesn't mean you're not a part of it. Next time OCW comes to town what do you say we go and catch up with old friends?


Jeni Wilson-Gaines: Boys!! Dinner now!


With that the camera pans back out of the house the way in which it came as we see the picture of the farm house in the distance

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