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The Morning After

Jacob Trance

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The dust has settled over a long Wrestlution weekend and we find ourselves in a hotel room. The sound of hot running water can be heard coming from the bathroom, a suitcase is packed but there are still a few small items of clothing scattered around the room.


The camera pans around showing a few more personal items, namely a pile of small t-shirts emblazoned with the logos of Dragana, Elsa and Terra. The water stops and time goes on for a little while before Aerith emerges from the room, wearing a pair of shorts and a black vest top. She approaches the pile of clothing and eventually makes her choice, Terra.


She tugs the shirt on and sets about the task of tying her hair up, the red dye looking like a centralised massacre occurred atop her head. She smiles at herself in the mirror, grabbing her phone from the dresser drawer.


Aerith: Perfect! Let's do this!


As she goes to depart she takes a quick glance at the OCW guest list for room numbers before leaving her room, closing the door securely behind her. With pep in her step she makes her way down the hallway and knocks on number 7382. She waits. Knocks again, waits some more and then frowns.


Aerith: Guess she's out. No matter.


She moves on, trying both 7365 and 7299 only to have the exact same outcome. She looks a little out of sorts but it may simply be because she looks a little odd wandering the hotel knocking on seemingly random doors.


Aerith: Hmmph… They all must have left… I should probably check my phone.


No messages. She blinks and forced a smile, opening Telegram, then with an audible exhalation of air closes it. The corner of her mouth twitches as she hammers a few keys, eventually a bleep greets her and she heads towards the elevator, pushing for the lobby, her eyes on her phone.

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