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At The Grimm House

Nate Mac

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Scene opens with a cameraman cautiously and fearfully approaching a small cabin in the woods wearing a helmet with a GOPRO rather than a normal heavy camera. Leo Grimm is sitting on a rocking chair on the porch.


Leo Grimm: Welcome to the House of Grimm. Normally I would be more hospitable and ask you to come in, but you reek of fear. I sent for you, to deliver a message.


Leo Grimm: I’ve given my warnings of deliverance, and those warnings have gone unheeded. So I must take matters into my own hands.


Leo Grimm stands up and walks towards the cameraman who takes several steps backwards. Grimm stops and stares at the camera.


Leo Grimm: Your fear disgusts me. Others in OCW will soon feel that same fear. I’m coming to Riot. I’ll see you soon. Now get out of my sight before you receive your deliverance.


The cameraman backs a few steps away and turns to leave. Leo Grimm howls and the cameraman starts to run. We see a shaking view of the woods and the cameraman screaming “Oh My God, Oh My God!”


Grimm chases him through the forest laughing until he catches him and tackles him. Grimm turns him over and his mask is directly in view.


Leo Grimm: Deliverance is here. But not for you, filth. Deliver my message. The end is near.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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Dang a thumbs down hahaha that bad huh? I now must wear the cone of shame.


Nobody can do that except you and the two mods. It must have been an accident when you posted it.


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