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"Archer Academy Challenge 1: Benjamin Moore"

Benji Moore

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The noise of an OCW live event can be heard in the background, every now and again a loud bang chased by a chorus of “oooh’s” breaks through the volume levels. As time goes on a smartly dressed Nicholas Maximus appears pushing a trolley with four cardboard boxes on them. For the night, the four members of the Archer Academy have been given their own locker rooms. In each room, the four men are getting ready for whatever insane challenge they’re going to be set.




All four practically jump out of their skin, Benjamin in particular looks like he might even be having Nam style flashbacks due to the horn. Eventually a small television clicks on and Archer begins to speak.


Archer: "Greetings peasants, you are all hearing my voice from sunny Tijuana, I am enjoying life whilst you will be doing as much as you can do to… Sell individual items I have picked out for you. They will now be delivered by my favourite helper, Nicholas! Chop chop!"


A middle finger would quickly be given to the small television just before Nicholas entered the locker room.


Benjamin Moore: "Of course him send yu, What's in the box..?"


Nicholas simply gives a devilish smile as he handed him the mystery box. As he did Benjamin caught a glimpse of a brown stain on his shirt along with more just like it around Nick's lips before giving off a weird look of disgust. Snatching the box from his hands the Jamaican wrester gives Nick a demanding shoo and begins to open the box. Once laying eyes on the product within it, Benjamin pull it out to revile a bottle of Cort Marshall's Real American BBQ sauce


Benjamin Moore: "Yu Bum..."




Benjamin Moore: "Wah di rass! Stop with the stupid horn you bloodclee..."




Taking the bottle that was in his hand and throwing it into one of the lockers Benjamin got himself infront of the camera and begins to speak


Benjamin Moore: "Yu think me won't come to dirty Tijuana and lay hands on yu?"


As he does this the lights would cut off and the door would open


Benjamin Moore: "What now...? Ahhhhhhhhh"


A loud and girl like scream could be heard within the darkness. It seemed to come from the same location Benji stood in but when the lights turned back on he was no where in sight. The only thing that was left was a american flag that laid on the floor neatly placed. The camera would now pan on Nick Bates who stood outside of the lockerroom with a casual shrug and says a few words before leaving the scene


Nick Bates: "Shouldn't of thrown the bottle..."

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