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Wrestler's Bio: Nathan Gaines

Nathan Gaines

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WRESTLER NAME: Nathan Gaines

HOMETOWN: Nowhere Maine

HEIGHT: 6' 1"


THEME SONG: Skillet "Hero"


SIGNATURE MOVES(S) Whisper in the Wind




NOTABLE FUEDS: Steve Jones, Malu, Matt Wilson


ACCOLADES: 1x CCW World Champion, 1x EX Division Champion



In 2006 Nathan Gaines made his OCW debut after spending the early 2000s wrestling in various Indy promotions throughout the world. Upon his debut Nathan Gaines entered into an alliance with 2 other rookie wrestlers, Steve Jones and Samuel to form the Youngbloodz. After limited success with the group Steve Jones turned on the group to join ToP. After a short lived feud with Steve Jones, Nathan was stuck at a cross roads in his career.


Lost and without guidance Nathan was taken under the wing of Legend and Hall of Famer Recon who would become a stabilizing factor both professionally and personally during this time. With Recon by his side and a renewed confidence in the ring, Nathan's career seemed to be trending upward. In what proved to be a career changing moment, Nathan accepted Recon's offer to reform a new version of the legendary faction The Militia along side old friend Samuel and the powerful Maniac Matt Wilson. With strength in numbers the Militia achieved some success with Matt Wilson winning the NA Title and Samuel holding the Hardcore Title. During this time Nathan developed a relationship with Jenni Wilson who was the younger sister of fellow faction mate Matt Wilson. This budding relationship ended up causing a riff within the faction and eventually The Militia dissolved after Matt Wilson and Nathan's internal strife became too much for the group to manage. After an epic trilogy ending with a steel cage match, Nathan and Matt were able to put aside their differences and both move forward.


After various battles waged throughout the years, Nathan's in ring style started to slow and develop into a more methodical style. Along with his in ring change, Nathan also formed an unlikely friendship with Deano Horse, OCW's most flamboyant superstar. As The Odd Couple, Deano and Nathan achieved moderate success and challenged for the OCW Tag Team Championship at Wreslution III. Even serving as associates for the reformed Rev Inc. Parting on good terms, Nathan and Deano went their separate ways and continued to team off and on throughout the rest of their careers.


Towards the later part of Nathan's Career he took part in the newly formed CCW Brand. In what is one of Nathan's highlights of his career, he engaged in a lengthy blood fued with Malu over the CCW Title, eventually winning the title in a thrilling ladder match. After holding the belt for a few months and eventually losing the title, Nathan would enter into OCW's EX-Division where he would eventually win the title which had previously been held by the likes of AJ Phoenix, FixXer and Tyler Ewanchuk. Shortly after winning the title and then losing it to upstart rookie Jookie Marley, Nathan announced his in ring retirement.


After his wrestling career ended, Nathan and his family relocated to a farm in Maine where Nathan operates a wrestling school and helping run local wrestling events. Never too far removed from his OCW home, Nathan has and always will be an ambassador for the wrestling promotion he called home.

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