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Happily Ever After...or Is It?


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Scene continues from the Foot Locker in the Garment District of New York City. There’s a nearby coffee shop that sits across from it.


A familiar onlooker is seen sitting out on the patio area of the coffee shop. She stalks Valkyrie and Flojo as they shop for some new shoes.


She takes a sip of her fine made coffee and sat it on the metal table. The sun cracks thru the dark shades as you can tell ever so slightly that this woman is staring at them with her devilish looking eyes.


She whispers to herself…..


Heather: 1….2 guess who’s coming for you?


Heather: 3….4 don’t worry it’s not Ashley Moore.


Heather: 5….6 someone other than Empress.


Heather: 7….8 if you blink she won’t hes-i-tate


Heather: 9….10 to take out your last best friend…


Heather picks up her coffee cup while her eyes peek through the top of her shades. Those very eyes noticed Valkyrie and Flojo leaving out of Foot Locker to shop around the Garment District a little more.


Heather takes one last sip of her coffee and then leaves to plot her next move.

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