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Courtroom smackdown? Convicted Oklahoma County judge signs with pro-wrestling brand


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The camera shows two anchors, one male and one female, in formal attire sitting behind a transparent desk with an "Action News!" logo emblazoned on the front. In the background, the pleasant skyline of Oklahoma City in the afternoon is shown.


Male Anchor: Good afternoon, Oklahoma! I'm John Steiner...


Female Anchor: And I'm Gloria Mueller...


John Steiner: And you're watching the 3 o'clock edition of Action News! First up, a courtroom smackdown brewing on your television? News broke today that convicted Oklahoma County Judge Leroy Brown III has signed with national pro-wrestling company OCW, or Online Championship Wrestling. Correspondent Tyler Crest is standing by at the Oklahoma County Courthouse with more on the story, Tyler?


The screen splits in two with video of Steiner on the left and Crest on the right.


Tyler Crest: Good afternoon, John. Indeed, a weird turn of events for former Judge Leroy Brown III. A former Oklahoma state district court judge, he was impeached and convicted by the Oklahoma Legislature after assaulting a defendant during trial proceedings. The case in question was particularly gruesome, involving acts of murder and other unspeakable acts amongst other charges. His sentence was fairly leinent, only serving a short time in prison along with a small fine.


However, Brown didn't spend a long time in the unemployment line as he signed a contract with Online Championship Wrestling shortly after exiting prison. The details of the contract have yet to be released, but sources say that Brown's background in high school wrestling might see a quick progression from training to the main roster. Back to you, John.


John Steiner: Thank you for the report, Tyler.


Gloria Mueller: To be honest, I didn't know people still watched wrestling. It'll be interesting to see if there's a reaction to this OCW company hiring a convicted criminal so quickly out of prison.


John Steiner: Yea... definitely an interesting choice. We'll be sure to keep you updated with the latest on this story at actionnews.com and right here on air! We'll be right back after these messages!


Glorida Mueller: When we get back, is chocolate causing cancer? A new study seems to indicate a link between the two.


The camera fades to black.

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Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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