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Archer Academy Challange 2: "The Hunt"

Benji Moore

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The scene is once again opened up revealing nicotine lunged Damian Bourne standing in front of the last shipping container within the building. As he stood there, he started to notice a smell, but not just any smell; This was the smell of an all american cookout but oddly enough infused with a Caribbean vibe


Damian Bourne: "What the…"


Taking a bolt cutter to this locked container and opening it up Damian Bourne finds himself looking at a BBQ covered Benjamin Moore who was tied up to a chair


Benjamin Moore: "Don't just stand there you rasclot.. untie me and get me the heck out of here. Mi don't know when he'll be back and mi don't want to find out."


Damian Bourne: “I don’t know...you sort of look better covered in sauce if you catch my drift. But at the same time, if I join you and get sticky Cort could show up and make a mess on us both. So I guess I’ll cut you free.”


Benjamin gives a face of disapproval as he is let out by Damian and the two escape the saucy nightmare

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