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Just Hours Before Riot 535


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The sound of running water can be heard in the background. The camera freelances around what seems to be H2O’s loft. By the looks of it, it’s hard to tell if it was his loft or not.


Clothes are scattered throughout every nook and cranny of his living space. There’s old pizza boxes, used paper plates, cups and napkins everywhere other than in the garbage.


We close in on the sound of the running water. We find it coming from the bathroom sink that Harvey is standing over. He is prepared with all his shaving supplies sitting on the side of the sink. Now it’s just a matter of time before the water reaches a satisfying level before he turns it off.


He grabs a tube of shaving cream and and squeezes it onto his fingertips. There isn’t enough shaving cream to lather his beard with. He takes the tube and tosses it away hitting the wall and falling onto the floor.


H2O places both his hands down onto the sink and shakes his head from left to right. He looks up and stares at himself in the mirror.


I always hated looking at myself in the mirror. Even when I was a little kid I knew mirrors reflect honesty about who you are. It tells you about your past, present and future……


???: Blah blah blah.


H2O becomes confused suddenly.


For a minute there I thought I saw my reflection talking to me. Let me splash some water on my face to snap myself back together.


???: Yeah and after you do that, listen to me!


H2O looks out into the living room area to see if anyone is there...but finds no one. He peeks his head back inside.


???: Some people can’t hear nor see the truth if it’s right in their face.


H2O notices his reflection talking to him. It’s The Future OCW World Heavyweight Champion.


Am I going crazy?


Harvey: Not at all.


H2O: The only other people that could hear my thoughts were my parents and Heather.


Harvey: I AM your thoughts stupid now listen up!


Harvey:Our parallel world is starting to catch up to one another. This means that you won’t be seeing much of me anymore.


Oh no!


Harvey: Oh yes, you mean? This means you and I are beginning to become as one. This means you are ready to become The OCW World Heavyweight Champion.


Harvey: This means the future is here and the future is now!


H2O: No, no, no. This is all wrong.


H2O: Did you not see? I reached up high to reel in The Good Light and all I remember after that I was looking up at the ring lights getting counted for the 1..2..3.


H2O: I was just humiliated on the biggest stage of OCW!


The Future OCW Champion folds his arms and then shakes his head.


Harvey: You weren’t humiliated.


Harvey: You were woken!


The running water over fills the sink and spills onto the floor. H2O looks down and becomes distracted for a moment from his reflection.


Then The Future OCW Heavyweight Champion pops out from the mirror and this spirit, this soul, this entity or whatever the heck it is, pierce itself in the ear of H2O.


H2O becomes frozen in place as the timelines of he and himself merge.


After the merge completes itself, H2O shakes the cobwebs out of his head. He blinks his eyes rapidly to regain his focus and balance.


He looks around his loft and see how big of a mess he has made. Beyond the mess, he sees the clock on the wall and it reads a couple hours before Riot begins.


No time to clean this up now Harvey. This mess can wait.


There’s a bigger mess to clean up at Madison Square Garden.


H2O smirks and walks off camera. Do you hear the door slam in the background as the scene fades.

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