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Archer Academy Challenge #3: Benjamin Moore vs TJ Stevens

Benji Moore

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The crowd becomes fully alive when they start to hear the intro to Majesty. The volume from the crowd was as energetic and live as every night for a OCW show. Coming out in full lavishing leapord fur was none other then the Jamaican sensation Benjamin Moore, accompanied by the lovely Twins.


Once off of the ramp and into the ring Benjamin grabs a mic and begins to speak as the twins stood along side him as they waved towards the crowd who gave off mixed signals of their excitement


Benjamin Moore:"Wah Gwan OCW Live! It feels good to be back in the ring where mi belong!"


The crowd can be heard roaring out words and holding up signs as they are all excited to be here at an OCW Live Event


Benjamin Moore:"Now I..."


As he began to speak once more he was quickly interrupted by the sounds of another wrestlers intro music. It was none other then TJ Stevens as his song is being heard and blasted; which got the crowd even more hyped for what's to come.


It seemed that Benjamin Moore's chat to the crowed was cut short due to TJ Steven's entrance and that was clearly seen by the audience who reacted to the excitement in full. After his usual walk to the ring and being inside of it TJ Stevens would blow a kiss to one of the twins with lead the crowd to give a humorous "Oooooo".


With both men now in the ring they wait for that starting bell. As they did the referee makes sure that both men were ready before finally pointing for the bell to be rung.. "DING".


The crowd intently starts to chant TJ Steven's name which made Benjamin very up set as he started to yell at the crowd. As he did TJ took those first few steps forward which caught Benjamin's attention as the two now lock up in the middle of the ring while the crowd cheered them both on.


Already having the advantage TJ Steven manages to push Benjamin into the corner of the ring while the two were still locked together before taking his knee and forcing it into Benjamin Moore's right side. Feeling a bit winded Benjamin was quickly meet with an elbow to the face by TJ Stevens followed by an irish whip to the other corner. While in mid motion Benjamin reversed the irish whip and preformed a well executed arm drag hip toss which landed TJ Steven flat on his back before rolling out of the ring with haste and giving the crowd a quick taunt of reinsurance as he held his back in pain.


As TJ Stevens started to walked around the ring while still holding his back Benjamin Moore could be seen in the middle of the ring encouraging him to re-enter so that the two could finish what was started. The referee stood infront of Benjamin to give TJ room to re-enter if he choose to do so but still counted down for a disqualification.


Benjamin Moore :"Come on! Let's go!"


Giving the space that was needed TJ managed to climb on the side of the ropes before once again entering the ring. Once both wrestlers were ready the two once again embraced another lock up which now held Benjamin Moore in the lead of the match as he scratched at TJ's eyes which backed him into the corner. Now unable to move much else where Benjamin Moore began to repeatedly stommed out TJ Stevens while he held onto the ropes. Once seeing TJ Stevens feeling the drainage of the stumps Benjamin quickly took him into a headlock and rushed forward before jumping where TJ Steven meet the mat.


At this point the crowd was ecstatic at the amount of effort the two were showing off to put on a good show and gave loud and encouraging chants. Some chanted for the Legend TJ Stevens while others chanted for Benjamin Moore.


Now back to the match Benjamin Moore after one of his iconic superiority taunts managed to stand TJ Stevens up from the ground and greet him with a straight kick to the gut before forcing him head first into the corner of the ring. At this point TJ Stevens was meet with a dazzed effect as he stumbled in the middle of the ring. Now feeling himself greatly Benjamin gave off one more taunt before going for his most recognizable finishers, "Endless Dreams". Once placing himself into the proper stance TJ Stevens had a spark of energy as the crowd chanted and managed to reverse the finisher before preforming his very own.


The crowd was in awe as most stood from their seats and watched as the referee counted.. 1.. 2... 3! The match was over and the crowd was completely pleased with the outcome of the match. TJ cheer for that few moment as the twins rushed intot he ring to quickly remove Benjamin from it as they now walked him towards the back while TJ Stevens still gloated in the victory

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