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RIOT 540 - Jehst Pre-Match Promo

Justin Jehst

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The scene fades into the backstage area as we see Justin Jehst standing by with Stacy Clark, dressed in bright yellow and red. The crowd noise in the background elevates as they see the Hollywood man on screen. A RIOT coloured backdrop of dark-grey and orange hangs behind them.


Jehst is chewing some gum, adjusting his yellow headband under his curly, wild locks as the crowd noise begins to fade away to let Stacy speak.


Stacy: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Mr. Hollywood himself, Justin Jehst!


Another pop emanates from the arena. Jehst lets out a cheeky smirk and moves a couple of steps closer to the microphone.


Stacy: Justin, with the recent events going on outside the company with members of the Troupe, are you worried about Elsa right now?


Jehst: Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, I'm not worried right now; y'know why? Cos she's with Aerith, helping her clean up Terra's diner. The attacker would be foolish to try a two on one against them!


Stacy: Even so, will it be a factor in your mental-game going into your match with The Last Blacksmith tonight?


Jehst: Stacy, I'm not gonna stand here and lie to you. From one pretty face to another, I can honestly say that, yes, it will be in the back of my mind; it always is right now. But I have to put that aside when I'm in the ring tonight!


Jehst: Ya see I may be up against a man who never got out of his teenage goth phase, who looks like he listens to Cradle of Filth while choking and stroking himself at the same time, but Stacy, this man is a loose cannon!


Jehst looks at the camera through his dark shaded lenses then back at Stacy.


Jehst: He can be dangerous! Hell, he even went so far as to kick our current Women's Champion in the face! Do you remember that?!


She nods.


Stacy: I do, yes.


Jehst: Then you know this man has no filter, no off-switch when it comes to his propensity for violence! If I want to keep these Hollywood good-looks intact, I need to be on top of my game! And that's exactly what I plan to do tonight!


He takes the microphone from Stacy and stares down the camera lens through his sunglasses.


Jehst: So, Blacksmith! Tonight, you’re facing a charismatic Californian! A man so handsome he has to fend off women and men alike! A man who is ready to put his fists and boots to good use! Tonight, you wrestle, Mr. Hollywood! And when you’re lying on your back, on the canvas, staring up at the stars that accompany me to the ring every-single-time I go out there, just remember -- you got the Hollywood Ending you deserve!


Justin, brimming with energy and adrenaline, turns and swaggers out of frame as the camera stays on Stacy watching him leave. We then fade to black.

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