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House Show - Solomon Caine Speaks After Winning the CCW International Championship


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Solomon Caine retrieves a microphone from a stagehand at ringside. He settles sitting cross-legged in the middle of the ring, facing the hard camera, with the International Championship draped out in front of him.


Solomon Caine: I should probably quit smoking now, huh?


The crowd erupts in a sort of laughter-cheer as Caine gives a half-hearted laugh of his own.


Solomon Caine: Frankly, if you asked me a couple weeks ago if I would be International Champion, I probably would have laughed in your face. Fact is, no one expected me to be champion. No one expected me to beat Thomas Archer. And no one expected me to win a triple threat match for the title let alone be in one. But here I am. Here we are. International Champion Solomon f*ckin' Caine.


The crowd cheers again as Caine takes in the reality for a moment.


Solomon Caine: When I first came to OCW, I came with a short experience in wrestling, but enough to know that I wanted to be great. Week after week, I struggled up every rung of the ladder, climbing higher and higher. And near the middle of that ladder, I fell. And I hit every single rung on the way down. Week after week, month after month, I struggled knowing that I was losing to everyone they stuck in front of me. Knowing that I fought so hard, just to lose. And then, just when I lost everything I built, I won.


Solomon Caine: I came to Summercide with the wind at my back, and a fire under my a*s. With nothing to lose, I proved to everyone that Solomon Caine is back in business!


The crowd erupts into cheer.


Solomon Caine: As for Thomas Archer, I know he's seething. Hell, I never pinned him. I might seethe too. However, the fact is this, I didn't see either of us advertised for September 2 Remember. But, as any savvy businessman like Archer would know, you gotta read the fine print: "Card subject to change."


Caine stands up and with one hand, raises the championship into the air.


Solomon Caine: I'll be there Archer, even if I have to buy a ticket. Will you?


Caine drops the microphone and exits the ring with the championship over his shoulder. He heads to the back, giving high-fives to many a front row fan, as the camera fades to black.

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Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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