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H2O Released from Hospital


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We make our return to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Starer walks inside the room of The OCW World Heavyweight Champion, H2O.


H2O fights his way out of the bed. Once he gets up it’s hard for him to stand upright comfortably. Jim Black is already with Harvey to assist him with anything that he needs.


Dr. Harvey, remember what I said, ONE month of no physical action of any kind.


H2O and Jim look at each other briefly and then Harvey returns his attention towards his doctor.


H2O: Yeah. Got it.


Dr. Starer hands Harvey his release papers as Jim grabs Harvey’s jacket from the closet for him. H2O looks over the papers with a dissatisfied look on his face.


Jim Black turns around and notices Harvey’s look on his face.


Jim: What’s the matter Harvey?


H2O says nothing. Instead, he just raised his arm to signal Jim to give him his jacket that he wore at SummerCide. Jim gives it to him.


Harvey tries to hide the pain that shoots through his abdomen upon receiving it.


Dr. You see! Follow everything on that paper I just given to you. I know how some of you athletes have a hard time following doctor’s orders.


Dr. But it’s for your own good. Take care guys.


Dr. Starer shakes H2O’s hand and then Jim Black’s before he walks out the door. After the door shuts behind him you hear the sound of paper tearing apart.


Jim Black turns around.


Jim: Tell me that wasn’t your release papers?


H2O: Yup.


Jim: H2O, you had to give those papers to Mr. Sensation.


H2O: Handing those papers over to him means I would have to hand over The OCW World Heavyweight Title. That’s not something he and I know that I’m not going to do anytime soon.


H2O: Mr. Sensation doesn’t want any confusion circumventing OUR biggest investment in this business. As your champion it is my duty to see that there won’t be any confusion once so ever.


H2O tries to ward off as much pain as he can by inhaling and exhaling rapidly.


Jim: Jesus, Harvey. By doing that makes it even worse.


H2O: Every breath I take is a constant reminder for me to get back in that ring at September 2 Remember.


Jim: Harvey you can’t be serious? You get back in that ring with Cort, KD and B17 your career could be over.


H2O tries to laugh but the pain cancels his attempt.


H2O: Everyone seems to forget my success stories and remember my failures. Do you remember The Lightheavyweight Tournament where I faced Christian Shepherd at Riot 4 ninnnnetyyyy…..


H2O: One.


Jim: Yes! You fought in that tournament after Jackson Montgomery viciously….attacked... you….


Jim Black smiles after realizing where H2O is going with this.


H2O: So you do remember I went on to win The Tournament AND beat a legend to achieve The Good Lightheavyweight Title?


Jim: Yes I do Harvey! Wow, now that I think about it, Kassidy Hayes, Jackson Montgomery, Bobby Minio and K. D’Angelo all violently attacked you causing injuries.


H2O: Mmhmm.


Jim: ….and then you’ve beaten all of them in their biggest moment of their careers.


H2O: Mmhmm.


H2O: So what makes this one any different. Time and time again I’ve proven my worth. Sensation knows the type of athlete that I am. It’s not that he doesn’t care that I’m hurt.


H2O: It’s that he knows how I can overcome the odds. So trust me, he doesn’t want to see those papers.


H2O heads towards the door to leave but Jim Black makes a small leap in front of him to open it for him.


H2O turns his head slowly to look back towards his side table next to his bed. Jim turns his head with him and notices The OCW World Heavyweight Title sitting buckled in the upright position facing them.


Jim looks back at Harvey.


Jim: Sorry, I’ll get that for you champ.


Jim races back to grab it. He returns as Harvey puts his arm through the loop and lets it sit on his shoulder.


H2O: He stacked these odds against me to make September 2 Remember. I’m going to make sure he gets that.

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