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B17 haunted by numbers


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B17: Ahhhh. Javier, I’ve long needed this...more in the lower back, please.


Javier, a long limb, beautiful Puerto Rican massages B17 firmly.

B17: Javier, please go get some more oil.


Javier obliges and quickly disappears into another room.

A television set in the far corner crackles to life. A familiar mechanical voice sounds out.

B17: NO!


He springs up and tries to flee the room.

Voice: 7 time 2 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1!


B17 freezes in place, hand out reaching for the door handle.

Voice: Now that I have you momentarily. I’d like to ask you a few questions.


B17 seems to start regaining practical muscle function and starts to move his hands to cover his ears, but the movement is painfully slow.

Voice: I know what the numbers mean, Bingo. You can’t lie to me anymore. Do you feel lonely, Bingo?


B17: Yes.


B17 looks startled at his own admission as he continues his slow motion movement away from the TV.

Voice: Do you feel wronged by OCW with the ignoring of H2O’s illegal pin, and KD’s count out victory ensuring them a OCW Championship opportunity?


B17: A hundred times yes! SHUT UP, 17!


Voice: How does it feel to have an entire community look to you constantly for their own needs and support?


B17: Horrible! I feel like I’m being sucked dry by leeches!


B17 finally seems too regain motor movement function and grabs a vase from a tale top.

Voice: Who will you turn---


B17 launches the the vase across the room. The tv screen shatters and voice is silenced.

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