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September to Not Remember

TJ Stevens

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People go about their business on the busy streets of Boston, scurrying to work, to diners, to stores. The city is alive and vibrant with hundreds of thousand souls simply going about their ritual of existence. The camera moves through the bustle, almost seamlessly, occasionally getting jostled. The picture finder catches a glimpse of black and red hair taking a sidestep into an alleyway, an odd sound being picked up, rattling, but not quite.


The cameraman ducks into the alleyway and the noise grows stronger. It’s getting closer now, a woman walking towards the camera, a bottle in her right hand being ran up and down metal railings. It’s Aerith.


Aerith: My friends are degenerates… But I’d never change them…


She clangs the bottle, cracking it slightly.


Aerith:Liars, cheats and hypocrites… Not the type for saving…


Another clang.


Aerith: All the truth you try omit… Well when you finally wake up and realise you’re the degenerate…


Aerith suddenly smashes the bottle into the fence, glass shattering. Her fist clenches, blood dripping through her fingers. She almost seems not to notice, wiping her forehead, smearing it with blood.


Aerith: It’s going to hurt like a brick… But don’t worry, I’ll be there to look after you, to visit you in bed… It’ll be like you’re not gone, like you’re not dead. Remember, memory, memory… Remember things…


Aerith begins to look around, agitated, she moves her hair off of her ear, covering half of her face.


Aerith: Like birthdays. Like friendships. Pacts… Pacts forever… Friendships are only temporary, you only keep them as long as it suits… The real you, the real you that is the key. That’s… That’s what needs to be shown, for everyone to see. Eyes… Open eyes… Open wide.


Aerith looks around before framing her eye using her index finger and thumb as if they were a monocle.


Aerith: See. I see. You all will see. All worlds, other worlds, this world. This Terra… Terrafirma. The not friend. Friend. Who knows, am I right?


Aerith's babbling descends into nothing more than a giggle.


Aerith: September. Forget. Remember. September to Remember…


Her voice becomes deadly serious, the tone darker.


Aerith: We’ll see the real you, the one you hide with your mask… A mask I will make you break with your own lack of will… The clock… It's ticking. Ticking so loud in my head... I hope you can hear it too Terra.

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I know how you feel Aerith. I had a so called friendship once I put a lot of faith and love into. But, that so called friend found it funny to stabbed me in the back when I needed her the most. If you are looking for people to treat her like a family in ocw not just another backstabbing friend let me know Kasstianity will welcome you with open arms.





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