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A late night visit for Bingo


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As B17 drifted to sleep, comfortably tucked in by the warm Mugen Thermal Sleep Partner, he felt an odd chill brush past his face. This chill had no place within his room. The temperate was always maintained at a pleasant 71 degrees fahrenheit.

B17: TY! Secure the windows!


Ty didn’t answer.

B17: TY?


Mystery voice: How do you feel, Bingo?


B17 tried to pop out of bed, but unseen goons on either side held him tightly down. His Mugen Thermal Sleep Partner, such a comfort on long nights, acted as a restraint!

B17: TY!


Mystery Voice: TY is occupied. Please stop shouting. I just want to talk.


B17: Talk about what?


Voice: Are you sad?


B17: What?


Voice: Are you lonely?


B17 looked to those holding his covers tight against him, but he could only see their bowed heads.

Voice: You’ve been an Idol for so long to so many of your B Community...but what have they done for you? Who comforts you when you're sad? Who lifts you up in tough times? Who will stand with you instead of expecting you to stand for them alone?


The dark figure walked closer.

Voice: I can be that for you. Even Gods need more than love and admiration...sometimes they need...sacrifice. You’ve sacrificed for your community? Have they for you?


B17 remained silent.

Voice: What do the numbers mean, Bingo? Could they set you free?

B17: The numbers…

Voice: We will talk soon.

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