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Alone against the forces of evil.

Ashley Moore

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An old Black Fiat 124 that almost breaks apart drives down a lonely forest road during a clear night with a bright full moon lighting up the way in front of them. In the driver's seat you can see one of Kasstianity’s ghouls steering the car and to a great surprise in the backseat is sitting a blindfolded Ashley Moore.


But unlike her former unicorn loving roommate she is not another victim that gets kidnapped. She asked herself to be brought to Valkyrie to check if she is all right and the condition for that meeting was that she doesn’t find out where the location of the Church of Kassianity is.


They arrive at a rather quaint looking chapel, the exterior stone face and sides of the building has visible warding script and symbols overlapping each other, the cross that once sit upright at one time is now upside. The gothic architecture is apparent with the extravagant stained-glass windows that have Kassidy replacing Christ with gargoyle like Ghoul Priest statues up the edges of the stairs.


As the car comes to a standstill the door at Ashley’s seat gets opened and she is greeted by a familiar voice. It is the newest member of Kassianity Empress who is standing next to the vehicle in a black gown and headpiece similar to one that you would see on a nun.


Empress: Well..well..well if it isn’t the little chicken shit herself. I was wondering if you would show your face. But, never thought that you would reckless come here to seek me out, when you are so afraid of me.


Ashley Moore takes off the blindfold and gets out of the car so that she is standing right in front of Empress.


Ashley Moore: Me afraid you? I don’t fear someone who loses to little barbie doll in a squared ring.


Ashley Moore: I only acted like I feared you to gain more sympathy, because I thought I need that, but let’s get to why I am here tonight. Give me Valkyrie back.


She pushes Empress away. Empress closes her eyes for a moment and let out a heavy sigh as she lifts her hand up she gives a slight flick of her wrist toward Ashley. Before Ashley Moore can react she is quickly detained by four of the Ghouls. Empress gives off an almost sickening smile as she brushes herself off and straights her dress. She looks back up at Ashley who is struggling trying to break free from the Ghouls’ grasp.


Empress: Oh my dear sweet Ashley-san you finally put on your big girl panties, but you still have some growing up to do. You storm in here making demands like we owe you something all while disrespecting me and my family of Kasstians.


Ashley continues to wiggle around trying to break free, but the more she struggles the tighter the Ghouls hold her. Empress leans in to whisper into Ashley’s ear.


Empress whispering : Listen here, you little bitch, if you lay another hand on me I will order every member of Kasstianity in this location to beat the living hell out of you. And all that fake ass courage you came waltzing in here with will be just another stain on that failure you call a career.


Empress: So how about you calm the hell down before you do you something you will regret. Okay sweetie?


Empress waves off the Ghouls who let Ashley go but continue to stand close by.


Empress: Now, let’s sit down and talk about this whole Valkyrie thing okay? We were just about to gather for some tea and listen to the word of Kasstianity.


Ashley Moore: Keep your bullshit-religion to yourself. In the end it is only about money or sex. That’s the only thing people like Kass want from sheep like you.


Empress: Money and Sex she says… My dear the things I have learned since I have been here. The list of people that have contributed or have been members of Kasstianity would surprise you. Maybe someday when you don’t have your panties in a bunch we can talk about Mom and Daddy Moore’s relation to Kasstianity.


Ashley Moore: You know nothing about my Mom and Dad. Now show me Valkyrie and the two of us will get out of here. And if you want to fight me, we can do that in the ring.


Empress: Is everything really about fighting with you? Valkyrie is getting the help she needs and she is free to go anytime she wants. Kasstianity holds no one against their will. You see everyone is here of their own accord. Even yourself. The powers of Kasstianity draws in all that welcome it.


Empress: But I feel as if everything I say goes in one ear and out the other with you. So If hurting you is the only thing that gets through that thick skull of yours. I will happy knee your face in to show what the power of Kasstianity has to offer. But don’t think I’m coming alone.


Ashley Moore: I don’t care if someone stands on your apron. You can bring as many useless Ghouls as you want. You can even bring Kass ... I only hope that doesn’t trigger a certain horse to show up, too.


Empress: Oh Hachimitsu ( Honey) You will have more to worry about than just Kass. I have a new BFF and this match will be a Handicap match unless you can find someone that wants to team up with a chicken shit traitor like yourself and I hope you’re ready for a September 2 Remember.


Empress: Get her out of my sight we have a sermon to attend to. I’ll tell Valkyrie you said hello.


Empress turns away waving off Ashley Moore as the Ghouls grab her hands tying them behind her back and placing a black bag over her head. They shove her back into the vehicle as the Ghouls slams door and the vehicle takes off down the road.

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